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Exploring the city of Versilia is incomplete without having local delicacies and experiencing its vibrant nightlife. Now, there is Discoteche inVersilia, a portal that gives all information regarding bookings as well as the available menu and the kind of styling that should be done in Versilia to have a fabulous vacation.


Forte dei Marmi, Lucca -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2016 -- For those heading towards the beautiful city of Versilia lying between Forte Dei Marmi and Viareggio in Italy, getting all relevant information about the latest happenings of the best discotheques is quite a difficult task. This is more so as in Versilia, apart from the long coastlines, the vibrant nightlife has always been the star attraction for tourists from all over the world. Discoteche Versilia is a blog dedicated to offer the best relevant information to all the nightlife lovers in an organized manner. It is in short offers a number of services to help tourists to find the ways of enjoying in the best discotheque or Discoteche in Versilia.

Easy booking at La CapanninaFranceschi

Booking a table at the most popular nightclub of Versilia is fairly easy via the dedicated portal. La CapanninaFranceschi or better known as La Capannina Di Franceschi is one of the nightclubs with most unique atmosphere and fabulous dining in the entire stretch between Forte Dei Marmi and Viareggio. Every year around the Christmas and New Year, thousands of tourists flock to the nightclub to have an enjoyable evening with their loved ones.

Taste the best delicacies of Italy

When it comes to enjoy a discotheque, there is also a longing for tasting the best delicacies of Italy and enjoying a cocktail or a complete breakfast which is outstanding at Caffe Morin. It is easier to know about the happy hours of the wonderful café as well as about the exhaustive menu of the Lobster Russian Corner, both located in the city of Forte Dei Marmivia the portal. This keeps its readers informed and helps them to make big savings while having tasty food too during their vacation!

Apart from all these, one can also make quick reservations to have a fun-filled night at BussolaVersilia which is also one of the hottest clubs of the region. The portal also guides tourists about the kind of clothes or styling they should follow while visiting a discotheque in Versilia.

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