Now One Can Enjoy Online Shopping with Virtual Credit Cards

Many online service providers prefer to accept virtual credit cards as their primary method of payment with the advent of online shopping.


Fortuna, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- A virtual credit card functions different as compared to a normal credit card. Among the major differences between these two is that the virtual card does not have a physical form. It is called as a non-plastic prepaid credit or debit card that one can use for his/her financial dealings. But it also comprise all the information that one can find in a normal one like name, the expiry date and the card number. It can also be a Master or a visa Card. Another sole feature of the virtual credit card is that it occurs with a 16-digit virtual number which can be used only for a single purchase.

Virtual debit card or credit card are among the most significant parts of online shopping. One requires plastic money to make an online payment. Many people have credit cards, smart cards and debit cards. They can enjoy online shopping in an expedient manner.

The capability of the virtual credit cards to provide one with unique purchase numbers is among its major benefits. The reason behind this is that one can feel extremely secure and safe as every time their purchase numbers are changed, this makes it impossible for anyone to make use others card for their needs. This means that this card avoids someone to positively carry out a theft, thus providing one the kind of safety that one need when having a credit card. The one time temporary account number that one can make use only in a single purchase.

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