Cataract Surgery Honolulu

Now, Painless & Improved Procedures for Cataract Surgery Honolulu Available to Patients

Dr. Michael A McMann is the cataract surgeon specialist who is now offering the latest laser surgery techniques to remove the clouded lens and restore vision in a painless and the quickest possible manner.


Honolulu, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2013 -- The latest development in the medical science has brought a whole world of convenience, safety and reliable treatment procedures in a patient’s life. In the fields of cataract surgery too, several innovative surgery procedures have been discovered for a quick restoration of vision following a painless surgery, carried out using the laser technology. Now, people suffering from cataract in Honolulu can visit Dr. Michael’s clinic for a painless and efficient Cataract Surgery Honolulu. Dr. Michael uses the latest surgery procedure to ensure a minimum incision to remove the problem part and restore vision very quickly.

Speaking about his latest cataract surgery procedures, Dr. Michael maintains, “Gone are the years when people used to undergo a traditional surgery where the entire lens used to be removed to rectify the vision. Now, at this modern age, using a laser beam, we can only remove the clouded part of the lens. This is the reason why it takes the least time in healing.” The latest and innovative eye surgery procedure is designed to offer precise results and improves patient’s eyesight very quickly.

Dr. Michael maintains that the cataract is a common problem and often people of growing age suffer from it. However, he maintains that in his years of practice, he has treated people of different age groups and has carried out his vision corrective measures with a greater degree of efficiency. He appreciates the ongoing research in the fields of medical sciences which helps discover new treatment methods and procedures for the benefit of the mankind. He states, “As a medical practitioner, we must be open to adopt new technologies and procedures that can benefit the patients.”

Dr. Michael’s clinic is one of the first clinics in Honolulu to start using laser technologies to carry out cataract surgeries. This is the reason why his Cataract Surgery Honolulu is a popular choice for people undergoing a cataract surgery in Honolulu. They also have released a YouTube video to create a broader level of awareness around painless cataract surgery procedures. People can learn all about Dr. Michael’s latest cataract surgery procedures by watching the video or can visit his website .

About Michael A McMann, MD
Dr. Michael A McMann has been in Hawaii since 2007 and has been offering from general eye care to LASIK and cataract surgeries to patients of all ages. Today, he enjoys the status of Honolulu’s most trusted Ophthalmologist and his laser vision correction center is very popular among the residents, seeking high-quality and affordable vision correction treatments.

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