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Now Preview Online Video Samples of Online Courses for Medical Professionals

Medcom-Trainex. Is pleased to announce it now offers over 100 previews samples of their videos online


Cypress, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- Medcom-Trainex now offers more than 100 preview samples of their nursing videos. Categories include nurse education, home health, patient education, dental health team education, and medical assisting. This series of educational videos for nurses includes topics such as pediatric pain management, heart and breath sounds, anatomy and physiology, safety, and quality assurance. This preview feature makes it easier to choose the perfect program from the convenience of the office computer. No more wondering if a video program is an appropriate companion to course material!

Medcom-Trainex has been a leading producer and distributor of multi-media healthcare education for more than 40 years, delivering quality educational material into the hands of healthcare professionals and patients. Media includes printed material, DVD, streaming video and more. Medcom-Trainex is the largest producer-distributer of nursing education programs in North America, and has received more than 50 awards for excellence and has even won an Emmy award.

Medcom-Trainex is a leader in multi-media medical education, with a corporate office in Southern California and five regional offices across the country. The Medcom-Trainex library bursts with over 500 original DVD, print, and streaming video titles. Medcom-Trainex even offers operating room nurse training videos and free online nursing classes. Adding preview samples of their videos online will make it easy to find the perfect title in this massive collection.

About Medcom-Trainex
Medcom-Trainex is the largest producer-distributer of medical education media in North America, providing unlimited access to more than 1000 online medical courses. The corporate office is located in Cyprus, California, with five regional offices across the United States. Medcom-Trainex provides medical education through print material, DVD’s, and streaming video’s. For additional information please visit,