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El Cajon, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Now explore the creativity within you and share it with the world. offers you the chance to exploit your creativity and produce images with lovely quotes or text which makes them look mind-blowing. These images can be uploaded as profile pictures to your social networking sites like Facebook. The website allows you to share your piece of creativity with the rest of them out there.

Images, or images superimposed with text, have become a common component of the internet over a couple of years. All these images can be immediately shared around the world. The site has over 230k images and has been gaining 1k users per day and over 6k luvs which is similar to a Facebook like. It has grown further and now has more than two hundred thousand users.

The website is user friendly and allows people to create images and quotes by making use of a stylish backdrop. This imagery can either be the users own or from the images they upload. For image styling they offer features which are similar to Instagram and also supply a lot of distinctive text styles and fonts which are quite different from the image macro generator that is available online. This sort of personalization and customization allows the users to bring out their artistic talent. The images can be shared on Facebook as cover photos or display pictures.

LiveLuvCreate offers different categories under which the users can create their images which include love, life, friends, party, birth days, photography, relationship, dream, halloween, stars, fashion, and much more. The website also has an option for status updates where in you could tell the world what’s on your mind. People who love can even get their fan sign uploaded by just sending across a mail to LiveLuvCreate. The website has some rewards for its users who take part in LiveLuvCreate contest. LiveLuvCreate also has an android app now to help you create great pictures. The new features added to the creation tool enable the users to customize their images.

A spokesperson for LiveLuvCreate explained, "Our success has been largely due to the fact that we offer what young people crave most, a space where they are free to create and the tools to allow them to do so. By providing a medium, we are allowing them to creatively and constructively let out their energy."

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About LiveLuvCreate is a website for users to create images, pictures, and wonderful photos. The site also permits users to add quotes, and original text of their own to the photos and upload them on Facebook.

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