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Maple Grove, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- WorldLandforms, a place to uncover every possible hidden shield volcano facts is no less than any encyclopedia. This online geographic portal provides every minute detail related to world landforms just to educate nature lovers.

Whether it’s a lesser-known volcano or a renowned lake, all major landform of the world are included in the database at Worldlandforms. Information for every type of landforms are available at this online portal.

In fact, some of the most unknown facts about shield volcanoes are available at Worldlandforms. Talking further a spokesperson stated, “A shield is a low and broad volcano that usually has a very wide crater (a dent in the Earth’s surface). It is formed from thin layers of lava after consistent low-grade eruptions. The largest volcano in the world is a shield volcano. It is located in Hawaii.”

“The interesting fact about shield volcanoes is that they are formed when there are effusive volcanic eruptions with magma flowing out in all directions to form a shield-like form. They are built of weak viscous basaltic lava. The effusive eruptions allow lava to flow longer distances than other types of volcanic eruptions, making larger and thinner sheets of lava. The continuous build up of these sheets over a long period of time construct a low broad profile of the shield volcano. The types of eruptions at shield volcanoes are known as Hawaiian, after the Hawaiian chain where they prominently occur,” he added.

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