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NoWorkSpanish.com Announces Innovative Free Online Spanish Test

Following a chance email exchange with a friend, the creator of one of the world’s most unique Spanish learning programs today announces an exciting free online Spanish test.


Saugerties, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2012 -- For Anne Emerick, a passion to learn Spanish soon led to the exciting creation of her own series of audiobooks to learn Spanish. Now, following another chance encounter, Emerick is today announcing the launch of her free online Spanish test.

“It started out as a simple email exchange. An online acquaintance said he’d like to attempt to learn Spanish using No-Work Spanish and oh, by the way, could I recommend a good online Spanish test that he could use to measure his progress,” explains Emerick, who has seen much success with her ‘No-Work Spanish’ audio system.

She continues, “That SOUNDED simple enough. There are lots of online Spanish tests or quizzes. So I figured I’d poke around and find a good one.”

However, following much online research, Emerick discovered that most online Spanish tests were fraught with problems.

“Tests had a number of issues. Firstly, many place a focus on grammar – rather than finding out if the user actually knows the word at hand. These tests often took far too long to complete, required signing up to the website and had confusing results which didn’t help a student improve,” she adds.

Emerick’s other big complaint was that hardly any of the tests she found incorporated an audio element; something that her own learn Spanish audiobooks place much emphasis on.

With all of this in mind, Emerick created her own free online Spanish test. The format remains simple; requiring the reading of a short word, phrase or sentence and then the selection of one of four possible answers.

As Emerick attests, her free online Spanish test has been launched to critical acclaim.

“While I only created it out of chance, people are very thankful for the free resource. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from test takers already,” she explains.

To try out the test, as well as learn more about the No-Work Spanish audiobook series, please click here.

About No-Work Spanish
No-Work Spanish is a series of audiobooks designed and developed by Anne Emerick, who, just a few years ago, had no grasp of the language.

No-Work Spanish is a brand-new concept. Each story is read with each sentence said first in English, then in Spanish. You will find your mind connects the English and Spanish, just like you can pause a favorite song and sing the next line, without thinking about it and certainly without making any effort to memorize the words in the song. After a chapter has been read in English and Spanish, it is repeated in Spanish, to reinforce the Spanish version in the listener’s mind.

No-Work Spanish stories are available on CD's or as audio downloads. They vary in length from 50 minutes to about an hour and 45 minutes. Each story has a different reader, so you will become familiar with variations in pronunciation.