Nsa Scandals; Hackers Hit Target & Appliances


Montpelier, VT -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- With so many industries in turmoil over security concerns, a new email provider seems to have the answer. “Just last month, we saw the first cyber-attack on internet-connected appliances. Imagine that? They can get one through one fridge now,” comments Chuck Catania, Director of Public Relations for Tiqqed. With cybercrime and privacy violations running rampant, Tiqqed differentiates itself through its layers of security.

“We’re not subject to NSA attacks. We don’t turn over their emails. We don’t turn over records. What happens via TIQ, stays in the TIQ,” says Catania. Tiqqed is a start-up email provider with operations based in Europe. Aside from their privacy settings, their major differentiator lays in their return receipt technology, which delivers receipt notifications for all emails sent, in addition to their attachments, without regard to the recipient domain.

Tiqqed is a revolutionary new email start-up, offering value-added services for businesses and professionals. They boast an open rate of over 80%, eight times that of traditional email.

For more information about Tiqqed, or to schedule an interview with Chuck Catania, Director of Public Relations, write to: tiqpr@tiqqed.com.