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NSCC Missions Hosting Online Fundraiser for Autographed Celtics Gear


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- NSCC Missions is hosting an online fundraising contest, with the ultimate prize being an autographed Boston Celtics basketball, courtesy of the former National Champions. Donations go toward the organizations’ International Youth Leadership Empowerment and Development Conference, to be held in Uganda in December, 2013. The online contest is ongoing, and runs until Thanksgiving.

Participants are asked to donate $50 for the cause, with the money collected aimed at helping the organization host the youth conference. Every donation over $50 qualifies one for a Christmas Raffle for two tickets to a favorite Florida Theme Park. That’s two contests through one entry mode, all going towards a great cause. More to this, there are points to be earned for referring a friend. Points are allocated to participants who refer their friends, and their names are entered into the organization’s next contest. For every participant, this is guaranteed to be a fun way to support a great cause.

The Youth Leadership Empowerment and Development Conference, slated for December, 2013, is part of NSCC Missions’ way to empower youth in Uganda with skills and knowledge to help them improve their lives. Every donation given towards the cause is aimed at educating students to learn a new trade or skill, and thus they are better able to fend for themselves. Empowering the youth is a sure way to raise a generation of hardworking and self-reliant men and women, and their individual efforts contribute to a better nation.

NSCC Missions’ vision is to inspire, build, and empower youths from at-risk and under-served populations to become present day leaders in their communities, homes, and schools. Uganda is just one among many countries in the world with high numbers of youth who require empowerment, and would greatly benefit from the education NSCC Missions will take to them. As part of the conference, youths will get to learn how they can tap into their potential and be powerful instruments of change and development in their communities. Teachings will be done through examples, and NSCC Missions will provide tools and resources to see to it that conference participants leave empowered and inspired to live up to their potential.

The opportunity to help out needy persons in the society is something that many people wish to do, but might not be able to. With NSCC Missions’ online fundraiser, helping out is as easy as making a $50 donation. Basketball lovers will love the opportunity to win an authentic Celtics basketball, and the chance to visit one of the world famous Florida Theme Parks is one many would not pass up.

Donations can be made online at NSCC Missions’ website , through any of the major online wallet options provided by the organization. NSCC Missions looks forward to giving Ugandan youth knowledge to raise the quality of their lives, and the organization looks to well-wishers to stand with them.

About NSCC Missions
NSCC Missions, a division of Northern Skies Children’s Camp, runs student programs in the United States and internationally. The organization also host free dental clinics in third world countries for orphans and widows. It is a nonprofit based organization based in Massachusetts, and focuses on providing youth education, health, vocational training and development. The organization’s approach is aimed at providing sustainable green solutions, and by embracing and solving global challenges, is able to make the same solutions work back home.

CONTACT: Princessa Clendinen
PHONE: 877-863-7713