Demand for Nuclear Turbines Is Driven by the Increasing Installation of New Nuclear Reactors Worldwide

Nuclear energy is a reliable, safe, clean and competitive energy source. The power generated from nuclear energy is almost free of any greenhouse gas emissions, except for the indirect emission associated with mining, construction, decommissioning and fuel fabrication of the nuclear power plant, and disposal of the waste.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2016 -- Nuclear turbine is an essential component of a nuclear turbine island. For the pressurized water reactor, the usual design of the steam turbine entails an in-line combination of three low-pressure turbines and one high-pressure turbine. The turbines are designed as double flow system, with steam entering at the center and flowing to the ends. The steam passes through the control stage and a number of reaction stages, converting thermal energy to mechanical energy. The high moisture content in the steam exiting the high-pressure turbine usually reduces on passing through the stages of reheat and moisture separation. The low-pressure turbine is provided with moisture separator-reheater (MSR) units in parallel. After passing though the moisture separator section, the wet steam returns to steam generators.

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The nuclear generator works on the principle of heat exchange. It converts water into steam by using heat produced in the core of the nuclear reactor and subsequently extracting the heat from the reactor's cooling system and transferring it to the secondary side of the tubes, which contain the secondary coolant. Nuclear generators are used in pressurized water reactors (PWRs) between primary and secondary coolant loop. Presently, there are nearly 435 operational nuclear reactors, with almost 71 nuclear reactors under consideration across the globe. Increasing number of new installations of nuclear reactors is further accelerating the demand for both nuclear turbines and nuclear generators globally.

The research on the global nuclear turbine generator market is designed to estimate, analyze and forecast the market revenue of the global nuclear turbine generator market. The research provides an in-depth analysis of the total demand and market revenue of the global nuclear turbine generator market. This research study on nuclear turbine generators covers the key product segments of the nuclear turbine generator market. Based on products, the market has been segmented into nuclear turbine and nuclear generator. The market study on nuclear turbine generator also provides historical data, detailed analysis and statistically refined forecast for products and geographical segments covered in the report.

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The market size has been estimated on the basis of indicators in the nuclear turbine and nuclear generator industry. Furthermore, the market size for nuclear turbine generator has been calculated considering the demand for nuclear turbines and nuclear generators. The study provides detailed analysis and forecast of the nuclear turbine generator market on a global and regional level from 2014 to 2020.

On the global level, the nuclear turbine generator market has been estimated based on the demand and market revenue for nuclear turbines and nuclear generators from 2014 to 2020. For in-depth understanding of the nuclear turbine generator market at the regional level, market growth has been forecast in terms of demand (units) and market revenue (USD Million). The nuclear turbine generator market has been regionally segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW).

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The nuclear turbine generator market research report includes market drivers, market restraints and market opportunities as also their impact on the growth of the global nuclear turbine generator market over the forecast period. Furthermore, the study on nuclear turbine generators encompasses opportunities for market growth at the global and regional level. In order to compile the report, we conducted in-depth primary interviews and discussions with numerous key industry opinion leaders and participants. Primary research represents the bulk of our research efforts coupled with extensive secondary research. We also reviewed the key players' product portfolio, annual reports, press releases and relevant documents for competitive analysis and better understanding of the global nuclear turbine generator market. Secondary research includes in-depth research on current trends, internet sources, trade journals, technical writing and statistical data from associated approach for obtaining concise data, capturing industry participants' insights and recognizing growth opportunities.

The report provides a detailed analysis of various factors influencing the global nuclear turbine generator market by employing Porter's five forces analysis. The analysis sheds light on the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, the threat from substitutes and new entrants, and the degree of competition in the global nuclear turbine generator market. The study analyzes the value chain of the global nuclear turbine generator market. Moreover, the study comprises a market attractiveness analysis, wherein numerous applications are benchmarked based on their market size, growth rate and general attractiveness.

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Profiles of leading companies have been provided in the global nuclear turbine generator market report, along with the detailed analysis of their market share. The study also features profiles of leading global nuclear turbine generator companies such as General Electric, Alstom Power, Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd., and Toshiba Corporation. Furthermore, the report also profiles market players such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Hitachi, Ltd., The Babcock & Wilcox Company, and OJSC Power Machines.

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