Nucleic Acid Extraction System Market Size, Analysis, and Forecast Report 2018-2027


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2019 -- The isolation and purification of nucleic acid are among the basic tests in the molecular laboratory researches, with the availability of a wide range of equipment and processes used for its extraction. Nucleic acid extraction system has transformed research processes with numerous applications in pharmaceuticals, medical, academic, and life science research. Nucleic acid extraction systems are witnessing increasing demand owing to their potential to play a vital role in the customized and predicative medication. These benefits are expected to drive the growth in the Nucleic Acid Extraction System Market in the forthcoming years.

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The growing penetration of automotive processes in R&D has increased the need for technologically advanced automatic nucleic acid extraction system. Automated nucleic acid extraction system makes a viable option over manual variants as it offers cleaner and more consistent extraction of nucleic acid in lesser time. With an ability to run several processes simultaneously with minimal error ratio, the adoption of nucleic acid extraction system is likely to grow. Such benefits are further likely to fuel gains in the nucleic acid extraction system market.

The nucleic acid extraction system market is expected to witness steady growth as these users–friendly systems minimize sample contamination, and offer high throughput results at fast speed and alleviate the reagent wastage significantly. Growing applications of automatic nucleic acid extraction systems in diverse sectors, such as molecular biology, environmental research, drug delivery, pathology, and forensic science are creating opportunities for stakeholders. Furthermore, these systems can extract nucleic acid from distinct samples, such as cell culture, serum, and tissue, which is likely to accelerate growth in nucleic acid extraction system market in near future.

The global market for nucleic acid extraction systems has witnessed vast technological advancements in the past few years, enabling an increased uptake of nucleic acid extraction kits, reagents, and other related products. Companies operating in the market have started ploughing more resources into developing in-house manufacturing capabilities so as to generate high quality products in short durations to meet the increasingly diverse and complex research requirements across different industries surrounding nucleic acid research.

Technological advancements in areas such as sample preparation, strategic collaborations between leading research bodies globally with the aim of improving research turnaround time, and rising demand for new extraction techniques and analytical instruments are some of the leading factors expected to drive the market in the next few years. Moreover, rising funds being poured into medical and biological research activities is also driving the Global Nucleic Acid Extraction System Market.

The market is likely to exhibit a promising upward trajectory in the next few years, with the market in North America expected to remain one the leading consumers of these systems. The market in Asia Pacific is also expected to emerge as one of the leading contributors of revenue to the market, thanks to a thriving medical R&D industry.

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Nucleic acid extraction is basically a process of cleansing of nucleic acid from sample with a combination of chemical and physical methods.  There are different types of kits and systems that are available to extract nucleic acid, and choosing the correct system saves the time needed for the process of extraction. Introduction of automated liquid handling solutions enable end-to-end sample preparation for nucleic acids. Nucleic acid extraction system has revolutionized research processes and has multiple applications in life science, pharmaceuticals, academic, medical and clinical research. Nucleic acid extraction system is likely to play a critical role in personalized and predicative medicines.

Nucleic Acid Extraction System Market- Drivers

Developments in processes associated with nucleic acid extraction have resulted in increasing demand for quality reagents, kits and related products. Several companies with product offerings have developed in-house capabilities to generate high quality products with short turnaround times to meet varying research requirements. Technological developments in sample preparation method for nucleic acid extraction, agreement between top research institutes to boost research activities related to molecular biology, increasing demand for new extraction techniques and technological advancements in analytical instruments are some of the major drivers for nucleic acid extraction system markets.

In addition, growing investments in medical research, especially by academic and research institutes over the past several decades has resulted in better understanding of fundamental pathways with which various proteins involved in development of disease are either down regulated or up regulated. Over past several years, the complexity of products by researchers has grown. This is an indication of the enhancement in understanding of elementary pathways and discovery of new pathways. It is imperative for manufacturers to keep up with the latest research developments to cater to ever-changing needs of life science research.

Nucleic Acid Extraction System Market- Challenges

Increasingly complex requirements from researchers in the life science domain have led to the development of novel products that are usually expensive. Due to the uncertainties in the results expected from complex experiments, several users do not prefer to invest in such expensive products, especially for research groups with limited budgets and funding. Custom research products and services are usually several-fold more expensive than products listed on catalogs of most major suppliers of research products. However, there is an increasing shift towards preference for finest products as they are of a higher quality than standard products and reagents.

Nucleic Acid Extraction System Market- Regional Overview

North America region is likely to have a major contribution in driving the overall nucleic acid extraction system market. U.S. has reflected rapid advancements in technologies and has stringent standards for analysis of pharmaceuticals. This is anticipated to propel the growth of nucleic acid extraction system market in this region. In Europe, major biotech firms are undergoing commercialization and scale-up of operations that is anticipated to boost the market for nucleic acid extraction systems.

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