Sippy Cups Enhance Children's Hydration Possibilities

Models for toddlers and babies provide easy, safe access to liquid


Santa Fe, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- One of the most frustrating features of having a child is the risks associated with mealtime and hydration. When a child is old enough to grasp their own drink and feed themselves, they tend to engage in these activities with reckless abandon. Food is flung at people, objects, and pets; drinks are knocked over, thrown, or generally treated as a toy. As a result, innovations such as sippy cups are necessary in order to mitigate the possible damage that a baby or small child can possibly do to themselves and their surroundings.

Unlike most sippy cups, Nuk Sippy cups are the result of over 50 years of product development. While many companies around the world sell sippy cups, most are variants of the same basic design. Nuksippy cups, on the other hand, have a unique latex spout that has been developed thanks to years of research by product designers at Nuk. In addition to making the transition between bottle and/or breast feeding simple for children, this unique latex spout design provides many advantages over traditional sippy cups that most parents are probably familiar with. The Latex spout is much softer than the hard, synthetic plastics that are used for the spouts in many sippy cups. Hard plastic spouts can easily cause accidental injuries if the cup is moved towards the mouth too quickly, resulting in chipped teeth or bruised lips. The latex spout utilized in Nuk cup designs gives under pressure, ensuring that it cannot harm children. In addition, unlike harder plastics, the latex design resists scrapes and pitting that result from children chewing on the spout. In harder plastic designs, scrapes and pits that result from gnawing or scraping against the child’s teeth can result in the creation of areas optimal for bacterial growth. Hence, the Nuk design is a good deal more sanitary.

“We made the transition to Nuk at the recommendation of a friend”, explains Barbara Hunt, a recent Nuksippy cup buyer. “We had tried a couple of different designs with our toddler, but she just wasn’t drinking enough fluids. We’d have to goad her into drinking. In the end, we found that she had a much easier time drinking from Nuk’ssippy cups, and she began to drink more fluids without parental insistence.”

Nuk sippy cups are available in a number of designs that are crafted to meet particular needs. For instance, Nuk sippy cups designed for babies come in very manageable sizes, crafted specifically for small hands. Some models utilize an attachable handle – which makes cups easy for children to grip and tote around. These learner cups are perfect for helping kids make the transition to larger drinking vessels. In addition, Nuk also offers “active” sippy cups. These are larger cups for toddlers. They include a convenient clip, so that they can be transported by toddlers or parents with ease, and offer a lid that keeps the cup from making a mess, even if it is left inverted.

All Nuksippy cups utilize wide necks and caps, which enable easy cleaning, and are available with a variety of fun character designs.

About Nuk Sippy Cups
Nuk is a well known brand in the United States. For more than 50 years, their product designers and child development experts have been working to create perfect bottle, sippy cup, and pacifier options for children. Their special attention to childrens’ comfort, safety, and orthodontic health make them stand out as one of the most popular brands for new parents.