Number of People Coming to Belgrade Increased in Jan 2014


Belgrade, Serbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- Official stats indicate that the number of tourists visiting Belgrade in Jan 2014 were up by 12% comparing with same period of past year. Data from the City Institute of Informatics and Statistics have shown that 36,295 tourists visited Belgrade in January this year, which is a 12 percent {rise|increase} in the number of tourists from January 2013.

Divided, stats show that 9,839 people who went to Belgrade in January resided in Serbia, while 26,456 were visitors from abroad.The Serbian capital has grown into preferred stop-off vacation spot as a city break spot. It is believed that this attribute is some of the factors why the amount of foreign guests to Belgrade increased by 12 percent.

The spike in overseas guests to Belgrade saw the final number of 78,232 overnight stays in Belgrade, with 23,886 coming from residents and 54,346 from international visitors. The amount of overnight stays in total increased by 7 percent in comparison to the identical period of time in the past year. The data have also revealed that visitors came from around the globe but most arrived from states such as Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Italy.

The tourist figures for February 2014 have not been published as of yet but first estimations are indicating that this month will once again find an boost in the number of visitors when compared to the same period in the past year. “This is a good sign that people from all over the world are deciding to come to Belgrade.” said Milos Kraguljac, one of the Rent Apartmani portal editors. “Belgrade people and their hospitality is something that is widely known and has to be experienced on the spot. We expect many guests coming to Belgrade this summer” he added.

To check at more reports about Belgrade - from its tourism industry - have a look at the Institute for Informatics and Statistics website.

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