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Number Ranges Launches Extensive List of Numbers and Providers for VoIP Re-Sellers

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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Statistics indicate the Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, industry is experiencing an annual increase of 33 percent, making this the most rapidly growing service worldwide. Growth of residential and small business use of VoIP is expected to continue along this trend for the foreseeable future. In light of this expansion, Number Ranges has launched their extensive list of information regarding telecommunications companys' ownership of publicly listed numbers.

Stuart Mooney of Number Ranges explained, "Reasons for the popularity of VoIP include the fact that this service is much less expensive than traditional phone services, greater customer security is rendered when compared to the other available options, multiple features are offered by such services and VoIP provides much more versatility. Not only are small businesses taking advantage of the benefits of saving money, increased mobility and greater ability to communicate on a wider basis, a number of people are looking into becoming a part of this surge as VoIP re-sellers. This demographic is largely comprised of people seeking to capitalize from previous telecommunications experience and customers who are displeased with their current VoIP provider."

Mooney continued, "Most major VoIP providers gladly offer re-seller programs, providing packages containing every element a re-seller needs to become an affiliate of the parent company. Re-sellers can then customize the services they offer to accommodate their own customers' needs. These re-sellers encourage those within their area to switch from their current provider by offering features the local population would be interested in. Small business owners use this option to provide services for their employees; in addition, apartment complex owners may become re-sellers in order to offer services to their tenants."

Said Mooney, "Although parent companies equip their affiliates with the necessary training and implements, billing responsibilities fall upon the re-seller. Anyone becoming a VoIP re-seller in their own right will require the ability to distinguish among the companies owning the numbers they cover for billing purposes. This is where Number Ranges comes in; for example, the UK has a number range beginning with 07, which resembles a mobile number. Personal numbers are 070 numbers and fall under a completely different billing process than their counterparts. This makes the information we provide particularly helpful to VoIP re-sellers. We enable them to determine which provider the number in question belongs to, as well as the type of billing necessary for each number. We help save VoIP re-sellers a great deal of time and hassle by providing our extensive list of numbers compiled conveniently on one website."

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Number Ranges offers information regarding telecommunication number range ownership for VoIP re-selling and billing purposes.