Seo Experts - What Numerology Is and How to Use It as a Tool for Self Improvement

Although scientists regard numerology as pseudoscience, others consider it to be a powerful tool for gaining insight into situations that could not be gained by ordinary means, and is as close to using the full potential of this system online as one could possibly hope for.


Beaverton, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- Numerology is a philosophy and a practical tool that is often used towards self improvement. As a philosophy, it ordains numbers with special meaning and also associates external phenomena with numbers, much like astrology does with planets. The association is done through the use of mystical reasoning and has no basis in empirical fact. By studying the number sequence that ensues from such an association, unknown aspects about the topic under study are thought to be understood, such as its future. For example, a study of a person's date of birth may yield information on that person's character and destiny. The result can be presented in the form of a numerology reading, numerology report or numerology chart. was established with the goal of making numerology accessible to anyone who can connect to the Internet. All one has to do is enter a keyword into Google related to the word 'numerology' and the website will appear near the top of the search results. The website can then be used to obtain a free numerology reading, learn more about numerology number meanings or generate a more elaborate numerology chart. Prior to, people only had access to this ancient system through books. Now it is possible to be more interractive and learn more information in a shorter time.

Videos and podcasts in make it easy and fun to absorb a lot of information, quickly. It is convenient for someone to learn about this ancient system while on the move, through a portable device. In addition to the free education and training provided, the website also offers a blog with the latest news and a community forum in which members can interract. A store section where numerology-related products can be browsed is also available.

Despite its controversy, numerology enjoys a revival. This revival could be due, in part, to increasing Internet access worldwide and to the online presence of itself.

“Since the day I discovered numerology, my life, health, finances, and relationships have completely turned around. From being miserable on my career and struggling in my personal life, to living a life the way I always dreamed it could be!” states Mike Madigan, the founder of

Founded by expert numerologist Mike Madigan, is the top online provider of numerology education. The company’s stated goal is to raise awareness about numerology, educate members on how to use its tools and encourage the application of numerology in everyday life because of the benefits that can ensue. Modern numerology draws from several ancient sources including Pythagoras, Babylonia, Christian mysticism, the Hebrew system of the Kabbalah, the Hindu Vedas and the Chinese Circle of the Dead.

Numerology can help people learn helpful information on any aspect of their life that would not be possible otherwise. Through the features of it is possible to gain the maximum benefit of numerology. The website empowers members with the knowledge and tools required to live a life that is mentally and emotionally more satisfying as it is aligned with the frequencies and attributes of the corresponding number patterns. First time visitors can obtain a free numerology report from the website to get a first taste of how interesting and valuable numerology can be.

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