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NUN-the Awakening: Compelling New Novel Explores Egyptian Pantheons' Role in Development of the Universe and Mankind

Diligently crafted by Chard Morton, ‘NUN-The Awakening: Book One (Volume 1)’ weaves fantasy and fiction to give a wholly unique twist on the birth of mankind. Introducing readers to ‘NUN’, a force from which everything evolved, the story follows a mysterious Man of Science as he attempts to decode the mystery of NUN before the life it created is destroyed forever.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- While fantasy has long been a staple of the literary landscape, both readers and critics are constantly crying out for wholly unique narratives that don’t succumb to recycling the same few concepts. Thankfully, author Chad Morton is bucking the trend with gusto. His new series adds a refreshing twist to the birth of mankind, and its possible destruction.

‘NUN-The Awakening: Book One (Volume 1)’ melds a stunningly vivid world with intricate characters and a gripping quest to decode the mystery of NUN. What is NUN? Well, it’s everything…


In the beginning, there was NUN, and from NUN came all things. NUN-The Awakening tells the story of the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods and their roles in the development of our world and its possible destruction.

Follow the immortals of Ancient Egypt on a Journey of both magic and mystery with the fate of our world held in the balance.

Could the key to the Earth’s survival lie within the mind of a mortal? Can a man of science decode the mystery of NUN before it is too late?

“I want to engross my readers in a story that plays out almost like a movie in their head,” says Morton. “This was a huge challenge and required me to not only create a world for my audience to get lost in, but fill in with characters that would keep them glued to each and every page.”

Continuing, “Readers will meet and get to know a diverse cast of both Gods and men, from Lord Atum who is our story’s ‘Great One’, to the beautiful Grand Isis, her husband Osiris and Seth ‘The Destroyer’, one of the original immortals birthed from NUN. Seth is a particularly interesting character as he longs for the power to be able to shape the cosmos, a power possessed by only Lord Atum himself. Yet despite the power and majesty of these Gods, along with many others, it is a man of science who may hold the key to the secrets of NUN.”

Morton has high hopes for his work.

“My ultimate goal would be to see the series made into a television series or movie. Naturally, there is a lot of water to flow under the bridge before reaching this point, but I believe my story is gripping enough to delight the masses,” he adds.

NUN-The Awakening: Book One (Volume 1) is available now in paperback: https://www.createspace.com/4817860

NUN-The Awakening: Book One (Volume 1) is available now on Kindle: http://amzn.to/1rgr7H4

For more information, and to download a free prologue to the series, visit: http://www.nuntheawakening.com.

About Chad Morton
Chad Morton is the author of three books including NUN-The Awakening Book One, the first of the NUN series, along with the comic book of the same name. He is one of the Managing Partners of SMASH Entertainment LLC; a Washington DC based Production Company, and he has written several screenplays and served as the Executive Producer of several films. He is married and is the father of five boys.