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Nursery Tree Wholesalers Shows 6 Secrets to Growing Faster Bonsai Trees


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Growing Bonsai trees has been an art that has been practiced in various Asian countries for many centuries. Over the last few decades the popularity and understanding of bonsai trees and caring for a bonsai tree has grown significantly in other parts of the world. Nursery Tree Wholesalers, classified as America’s Largest Bonsai Nursery, have recently shared 6 secrets to growing faster bonsai trees and ensuring healthy, beautiful bonsai trees. The Nursery Tree Wholesalers website states:

“Practicing bonsai is believed by the traditional Japanese to enrich one’s admiration of the finer details in both life and nature, as well as provide an exotic form of art to your home that has stood the test of time. The grace and flowing movement of our traditional bonsai trees are both aesthetically pleasing and popular for those seeking to add a sense of feng shui to their life.”

The secrets shared first seek to abolish and debunk the common misconception people have about bonsais as indoor plants. The experts at Nursery Tree Wholesalers point out that different types of bonsai trees have different requirements of sunlight exposure, there is no general rule of thumb about how much light a bonsai must receive to grow and flourish, but like all other plants bonsai trees need sun light. The Experts debunk myths by stating:

“It is relatively common to open up a magazine or book and see an indoor display of bonsai trees. At bonsai conventions, bonsai trees are typically brought indoors to be shown for 1 to 3 days but are quickly returned outside when the conventions are over. It needs to be understood that these displays are merely temporary and not permanent. So first things first - let us destroy the myth that trees are meant for the indoors. Indoor trees and indoor bonsai trees do not exist.”

Bonsai watering secrets have also been discussed at length since both under watering and over watering can wreak havoc on a bonsai tree’s growth. Watering a bonsai tree is all about assessing if the tree requires watering or watering should be given on particular days when the bonsai does not look like it needs water. The fundamental secret to growing Bonsai trees is to strike the right balance and understanding several factors that have been discussed in the “6 secrets to growing faster bonsai trees” posts. Both beginners and advanced bonsai tree grower will benefit from the aforementioned secrets.

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