Nurses Fyi to Be First Nursing Magazine in Apple's Newsstand


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- Australian Nurse Rich Williams has launched a Crowd Funding Campaign to raise $2,500 to launch the world’s first nursing magazine “Nurses fyi” on Apple’s Newsstand. Rich believes his unique concept for an international digital nurses magazine will provide useful and interesting information to nurses the world over, as he’s identified there are many common interests, issues and challenges that nurses everywhere have in common.

Rich says one example of what nurses everywhere have in common is the nurses sense of humor, “Nurses everywhere seem to share a common often offbeat sense of humor that enables them to keep it together in stressful or unpleasant situations at work” said Rich. Rich will be drawing on skills he has developed from being a professional nursing blogger, dabbling in App Development, building websites, making short films, as well as publishing on Amazon for Kindle as this magazine project will combine all his technical skills.

For the Nurses fyi magazine’s content and points of interest Rich will be drawing on his 25 years of full time nursing experience as a registered nurse, as well as inviting nurses to contribute articles or complete on-line surveys on what topics they would like to see inside the magazine or suggest nurses whose story they believe would make for interesting reading.

Rich has been working for the past 13 years in Patient Transport. What Rich likes about Patient Transport is that it has him working in a variety of locations, ranging from large metropolitan hospitals as well as in large regional hospitals, to the smaller rural hospitals, numerous nursing homes and diagnostic centers. Rich say’s “I would have worked alongside many hundreds of nurses in virtually all areas of nursing during my 13 years transporting patients” so he believes he has developed a feel for what nurses are into and topics they like to talk and read about.

Rich is excited about the potential for the Nurses fyi magazine to combine some of the latest technology to communicate directly with the massive international nursing population. The “Nurses fyi” magazine will be an “app” (application software) available in Apples Newsstand for download onto either an iPad or iPad Mini. The monthly editions will have nursing articles for nurses, written by nurses. Articles can contain a variety of formats. They can consist of written text with pictures, audio files of interviews, video files from Youtube, as well as contain invitations for his readership to join upcoming webinars that Rich plans to host with international nursing guests.

As the Nurses fyi magazine will be an international publication, its written content will be multilingual and available in; English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Russian and Japanese and other languages upon request.  The first edition of the magazine due out in early months of 2013 (once the funding target has been reached) will be free and subsequent issues will be $3.99 each.

Crowd Funding is a relatively new system of raising funds for projects from donations from its supporters in return for receiving perks. Crowd Funding was introduced by the Obama Government in the USA to help stimulate the economy and to help generate jobs amongst the entrepreneurial sector of the community. Nowadays there are a variety of Crowd Funding companies to choose from that will promote your project from their website for a fee.

About Nurses fyi
Rich is using Indiegogo to help raise the $2,500 needed for the initial four monthly editions of  “Nurses fyi” digital magazine. You can help the Crowd Funding campaign by either making a contribution at or spreading word of the campaign and the upcoming nurses magazine via the social media links provided. For more information on the nursing magazine you can visit Rich’s website at