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Nursing Schools Hub Launches Website Devoted to Helping People Achieve Their Medical Career Dreams


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2012 -- According to financial experts, despite the current recession, the field of nursing has not only held its own, it has actually grown stronger.

Despite the struggling economy, people are still getting sick and they need access to high quality medical care. Many doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals are actually short-staffed these days due to the constant need for more and more staff.

As anyone who works in the field knows quite well, nursing is a profession that is not only incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but also one that offers steady work with a nice salary. But while many prospective students would like to become a nurse, knowing how to go about it can be confusing. There are dozens of nursing schools, all claiming to be the best, and it can be hard for students to know what their options are.

A new website was recently launched that is devoted to helping people who would like to work in the nursing profession find local nursing schools in their area.

Nursing Schools Hub also features educational articles filled with tips and facts about RN programs, the various types of nursing degrees, and advice on how students can best succeed while they are in school.

“Your education determines how fast you’ll make headway and what position you will achieve as a registered nurse,” an article on the website explained, adding that in order to become a registered nurse, students are required to have a college education prior to taking the licensing exam.

“This means that you can apply with a master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, three-year diploma, or associate’s degree in nursing or a related field. The more advanced degrees will open your future to more career possibilities.”

Using the website to get more information about local nursing programs is easy; simply log on and begin browsing through the articles and posts. Visitors to the site are welcome to type in their zip code on the home page in order to find which nursing schools are located close to them.

For example, entering in the zip code “92832” brings up about 10 colleges and universities that offer nursing programs. Detailed facts about each of the schools is included, as well as a “request more info” tab that allows students get additional nursing program information about the particular school.

About Nursing Schools Hub
Nursing Schools Hub is a new website that strives to help people find information about nursing programs in their local area. Visitors to the website just need to enter in their zip code in order to find nursing schools that are close to their home. The website also features articles filled with informative tips about a nursing career. For more information, please visit http://nursingschoolshub.com