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Nuru International Featured on Major News Networks ABC


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- Nuru International, founded by former U.S. Marine Jake Harriman, has recently been featured on major news network ABC. With their dedication to ending world poverty and their practical, self-sustaining model to accomplish it, it is no wonder Nuru International is making headlines.

Former U.S. Marine Jake Harriman, after witnessing the horrors of war, decided he wanted to have a greater impact on the war on terror, fighting what he believes to be a leading contributor to terrorism; extreme poverty. Nuru’s website features numerous archived posts on the many causes of poverty, including failing agricultural programs and lack of education. Learn more about what causes poverty at

This drive to have a greater impact led Harriman to gain a degree from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. With his degree he created an organization that would ultimately combat the global problem of poverty.

Nuru’s goal is to go into poverty stricken communities and build a working model with community leaders over the course of seven years. When Nuru exits, they will leave behind a self-sustaining community, independent of all Nuru expat staff and donations.

Nuru plans to accomplish this through four different programs focused on agriculture, economic development, healthcare and education. Learn more about Nuru’s fight against extreme poverty at

For businesses wishing to aid in the fight against poverty, Nuru Social Enterprises allows them to invest a fixed, small amount of capital into a given country to enable one district (6,750 families or approximately 33,750 people) to reach financial sustainability.

Learn more about Nuru’s social innovation at

About Nuru International
Nuru International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty in remote, rural areas around the world. Rather than simply providing temporary relief, Nuru equips local leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to lift themselves out of extreme poverty forever.

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