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Nutrigenomics Testing Market Size to Grow Rapidly in Future : Global Key Players - Metagenics, Salugen, Gene Box, Xcode Life, Sanger Genomics

North America nutrigenomics testing market size is anticipated to accrue growth of over 12% between 2019-2025.


Ocean View, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2020 -- Increasing health concerns around the world owing to a steady adoption of unhealthy lifestyle will fuel nutrigenomics testing market share over the forecast period. Nutrigenomics is an emerging science that examines a particular area of nutrition which uses molecules, to understand responses observed form certain diets given to an individual or group of people. There has been a rising need for personalized nutrition among patients and various researches performed regarding the technology have rendered positive results.

Japan nutrigenomics testing market was accounted for more than 35% revenue share of Asia Pacific industry in 2018 and it is anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period. Considerable revenue can be attributed to several factors such as increasing preference towards personalized diet and rising prevalence of chronic diseases. Moreover, industry players in the region are undertaking various activities in order to provide efficient nutrigenomics tests. Also, various startups have been established to offer superior quality nutrigenomics testing kits, thereby accelerating country growth over the forecast period.

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According to a survey done in Greece on the general population and samples from health professionals, it was found that there was an impending need for nutrigenomics science. The study revealed that nearly 80.5% of doctors and nutritionists were willing to propose a nutrigenomics analysis.

The introduction of genetic testing businesses by major healthcare companies on online platforms will certainly drive nutrigenomics testing industry outlook. Big data analytics and genomics have stepped in together with the increasing trend to personalize nutrition and workout regimens. These testing businesses have steadily warmed their way up to the consumer space.

Diabetes segment of nutrigenomics testing market was valued more than USD 70 million in 2018 and it is anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period. Nutritional genomics testing broadens understanding of patterns pertaining to genetic variations, epigenetic modifications, and gene diet phenotype interactions. It also enables comprehensive understanding of early molecular events occurred in diabetes that may prevent further complexities and disease progression. As a result, nutrigenetics testing has pivotal role in diabetes management and care that will fuel its demand over the analysis timeframe.
Elaborated below are some notable trends expected to fuel global nutrigenomics testing industry share over the coming years:
Increasing prevalence of obesity
Rising occurrence of obesity has become a public health burden and patients have seemingly begun to receive nutrigenetic testing for helping in obesity management. Surge in the intake of food abundant in caloric value and reduction in the physical activities have led to the growth of obesity worldwide. Recent studies based on the disorder have suggested that genes along with environmental factors like the intake of dietary nutrients and their interactions have a great effect on controlling obesity.
WHO has reported that more than 1.9 billion people aged 18 or above were overweight in 2016, out which almost 650 million were obese. The organization has also advised that obesity is an issue that can be prevented, encouraging people to seek novel healthcare services and stimulating nutrigenomics testing market size to some extent.
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Several research efforts and investigations undertaken in order to look deeper into the nutrient benefits for obese patients will also influence the business outlook.

Higher risk of cardiovascular diseases
A substantial growth in the adoption of nutrigenomics testing services will be attributed to the higher prevalence of cardiovascular diseases around the world. These diseases are widely affected by food intake, environmental and genetics factors. The candidate gene association studies and the entire genome are the key approaches that are used in the cardiovascular genetics in order to identify genes that cause the disease.
Recent studies have suggested the genotype's influence on the responsiveness to nutrients which may help reduce cardiovascular risks. The United States witnesses nearly 610,000 of deaths due to heart disease every year with more than 735,000 of Americans suffering from heart attacks annually. Undoubtedly, managing the risk of cardiovascular disorders will offer considerable revenue prospects for nutrigenomics testing industry.

Growing adoption in North America
Substantial occurrence of critical diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders in North America will boost the regional nutrigenomics testing industry forecast over the analysis period. People in the region have been steadily adopting personalized diets to ensure themselves an appropriate amount of nutritional value that is important for a healthy body metabolism.
Additionally, nutrigenetic testing has become increasingly accessible through online platforms, expanding the knowledge of people regarding the technology and making it easier for healthcare providers to recommend it. For instance, DNAFit delivers an online training program and is based on saliva swab results, capable of evaluating 45 genetic variants.

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Investments into developing nutrigenetics testing will stimulate global nutrigenomics testing market outlook, since major national and international projects have had nutritional genomics as a key subject for relevant research.

NuGO for instance, is European-funded Network of Excellence that links nutrition, health research and genomics. It has been carrying out research in all the omics that are related to health and nutrition along with its ethical aspects. There has been a launch of several more research institutes like the Cornell Institute for Nutritional Genomics in New York, or Salk Center for Nutritional Genomics in CA. Some research centers have laboratories and programs that have been devoted to nutrigenomics testing.

Key industry players like Holistic Heal, Salugen, Gene Box, Xcode Life, Pathways Genomics, Sanger Genomics and Metagenics will outline the competitive dynamics of nutrigenomics testing market, owing to continuous R&D activities and consistent strategies to expand and collaborate with other companies.