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Woodbridge, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- The Academy of Natural Health Sciences now offers exclusive training for sports nutrition specialists. The Sports Nutrition Specialist is a home certification program designed to teach interested individuals the sports nutrition theory and practical applications to help an individual achieve optimal athletic performance.

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Nutrition school offers sports nutrition certification to help prepare sports nutrition specialists to being a sports nutrition consultant. This home study certification offered by the Academy of Natural Health Sciences is a great opportunity for personal trainers, nutritionists, coaches, and exercise instructors.

Upon enrolling in the home study program, students and teachers will communicate through email. Students are sent with a series of assignments and testing materials. Students are required to complete the assignments at a given time, and send the completed assignments back to the Academy for expert instructors to check and grade.

Online students are also given the opportunity to attend sports nutritional seminars at the academy. Personal trainers, home study students, sports nutritionist specialist, and all interested students are invited to attend the sports nutrition certification seminar at the Academy for free.

Nutrition school offers sports nutrition certification to address the unique performance nutrition needed by an athlete. The Home-Study sports nutrition certification teaches students the concepts of diet and nutritional supplements, ergogenic aids, and anabolic steroids. Once students have finished the home-study program, they are capable of optimizing the athlete’s performance potential and to stimulate the growth and repair of the nervous, cellular energy, and musculoskeletal system.

The Sports Nutrition Certification Training Program includes theories and practical approaches in calculating protein, carbohydrate, calorie, fat needs, energy systems and fuels, calorie expenditure calculation, energy and nutrients production, absorption and elimination, digestion, sports drinks, weight gain, weight loss, carbohydrate loading, protein drinks, and glycemic index eating. Students are also taught on performance sports supplements, endurance and strengths, herbs, sport specific nutrition, competition nutrition, supplementation for muscle building, and more.

Applicants are required to submit their High School, Vocational School, G.E.D. or college diploma in order to meet the home-study program entrance requirements. Once applicants have submitted all of the pertinent requirements, they will be sent with enrollment forms. Those who do not have G.E.D., high school, vocational, or college diploma, but want to enroll in the sports nutrition certification can take a T.A.B.E. exam to be a qualified applicant.

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