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Nutritional Experts Debunk the Myths; Promote Healthy Diet and Exercise Via Leading Website


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2012 -- If cancer was the plague of the twentieth century, then the affliction that will most resonate for those in the twenty first, the digital age, is that of inactivity and poor diet. More and more people from all corners of the globe are trading their once active lifestyles for more time spent in front of the computer or television. Ultimately, this translates into a huge variety of health complaints within the community and more and more people suffer from obesity, diabetes and a large host of other medical issues.

At the same time, companies everywhere are turning the areas of weight loss and nutrition into massive money making industries. It’s hard to trust most of the commentators in the market as the majority have a product they’re trying to sell or promote.

Luckily, there’s one place that those interested in a true healthy lifestyle can trust. Available at http://www.abnehmen123.com/, Abnehmen 123 is the internet’s premier destination for those brave few who are eager to transform their lives but need a helping hand to do so.

Known for their no-nonsense advice on topics such as diet, weight loss, exercise and nutrition, the team at Abnehmen 123 have also launched a comprehensive guide to healthy eating. Located at http://www.abnehmen123.com/gesunde-ernaehrung/, the guide covers several simple strategies then can greatly improve the way in which thousands approach food. As more and more people across the country are converted to the common-sense approach offered by Abnehme123.com, many are finally discovering the help they need to get a new lease on life.

As a further initiative, the minds behind Abnehman123.com have also produced a great resource teaching people everywhere how to modify their diet, available at http://www.abnehmen123.com/ernaehrungsumstellung/. Realising that many people feel as through their diet and lifestyle are stuck in a rut, Abnehmen 123 have created a compelling resource aimed at giving people back the strength they need to take control of their nutrition.

The advice dispensed on the site also comes from the most accurate sources; professionally written articles by health journalists and nutrition experts which are also completely independent and unbiased. With no hidden agenda, Abnehman123.com is quickly becoming the destination of choice for those who have suffered through fad diets and miracle supplements.

It’s good to know that there’s at least one site committed to providing honest, accurate advice for people around the globe eager to improve themselves. Whether it’s food plans, nutrition advice or exercise guides, the experts behind Abnehmen123.com have everyone covered.

About Abnehmen 123
Abnehmen 123 is a trusted information portal on topics surrounding healthy nutrition and weight loss. Refusing to promote cheap diet pills or magic dietary program, the Abnehmen 123 team understand that there is just one way to lose weight and live a healthy life; a balanced diet and a decent amount of exercise. The site provides people with nutritional advice, exercise information and diet plans and in order to build and maintain motivation. In addition they also help people stay on course by offering a large selection of diet recipes.

For more information, visit http://www.abnehmen123.com