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Nutritional Timing of Carbohydrate Delivery Brings Dramatic Results in Carb Back Loading eBook by John Kiefer

The program is a 100% nutritional timing fitness process that is helping participants garner impacting results. The plan is designed by fitness health expert and enthusiast John Kiefer.


Walnut Creek, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- The strategic timing of carbohydrate intake, is the center of the new eBook and program titled “Carb Back” by John Keifer. It delves into key eating changes that affect the body in a way that brings noticeable results to participants.

The Carb Back Loading plan suggests the idea to shift calories to later in the day, and to eat lighter in the morning and early afternoon. It also instructs to feast at night and may even include skipping breakfast.

The concept of carb backloading, goes against what the mainstream teaches as sound nutritional advice. John Keifer believes it’s just a different way of thinking. The use of nutrient timing to accomplish body composition changes are effective for those who use the carb backloading protocol to manage the time of day and insulin levels to encourage growth.

The program outlined in the eBook is utilized mostly by body builders seeking to gain size. There are on and off days with the agenda, where depending on the initial level of body fat, participants can density bulk every day, even on their off days. This is different from the Strength Accumulation option which on off days, it is recommended and important not to back load.

The new eBook and program is an interesting concept that is providing a new way of approaching physical progress. The curriculum comes with suggested meal ideas and food combinations. The website at is providing full disclosure of the intriguing and unique new program and eBook.

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