Nutritionist Improves Kidney Function & Lowers Creatinine: Consultations/eBook Available


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- Announcing Robert Galarowicz N.D. Clinical Nutritionist & Naturopath (official title for alternative or holistic doctor) lets the public know about his one on one consultations service that is available over phone/skype or in office for improving kidney function and lowering creatinine for kidney disease. He also has his entire kidney disease improvement program in an eBook program called, “The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program.”

What Makes Robert Galarowicz N.D. Consulting Service Different, Unique And One Of A Kind?

The conventional medical way uses medication and an unspecific diet to control kidney disease. Or a diet approach from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics which relies on medication to control kidney disease and is only mildly therapeutic.

Robert Galarowicz N.D. offers a new and exciting approach that has been used in a Nephrology clinic in New Jersey and tested on over 400 people with excellent results. It has the approval of a nephrologist and many customers attest to it.

His approach to improving kidney function and lowering creatinine is a combination of the best kept secrets from around the globe. Robert has researched every possible way to improve kidney function and studied most medical systems throughout the world to learn how to improve kidney disease.

His consulting service uses a highly therapeutic diet approach that is low in phosphorus, potassium, sodium, anti-inflammatory, anti-antioxidant, high fiber and can not only control kidney disease but in many cases reverse it. Boosting the eGFR and lowering creatinine.

The approach also uses nutritional supplements such as vitamins and powerful herbs that are used in major medical systems like India, China and Korea. These herbs are used in hospitals, clinics and doctors offices in the mentioned countries.

How Does The One on One Consulting Service Work?

If people are interested in improving kidney disease they can visit Robert Galarowicz’s website and learn all about his consulting service.

To visit and learn how it works, what to expect visit the website at:

Kidney Disease Consulting Service

To learn about Robert Galarowicz’s eBook program and everything it includes visit his website at:

All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program

Robert loves to give away free information to people who are suffering from kidney problems. He has created a compilation of over 25 videos that give diet tips, recommendations, foods, supplements and lifestyle changes that will increase the health of the kidney. Some of the videos have important information that can boost kidney disease and lower creatinine. All the videos are direct to the point and only 1 to 3 minutes in length. No waiting around and no sign up. All the videos are free on Visit Robert’s channel by visiting the link below:

Video For Better Kidney Health

About Robert Galarowicz N.D.
Robert is so passionate about kidney disease because he has dealt with kidney failure, dialysis and currently living with a kidney transplant. He knows what the symptoms of kidney disease feel like what being on a dialysis machine 3 days per week for 4 hours is like. He states, “It is not a good life with lots of pain, agony and complications that never end.” He wants to help people avoid what he had to go through which translates to his never ending research and commitment to improving the life of anyone with kidney disease.

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