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Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- Robert Galarowicz N.D. is a Naturopathic Doctor but more importantly a Clinical Nutritionist. A clinical nutritionist is someone’s who uses nutrition to improve an illness or disease. In the case of Robert he uses his clinical nutrition training to help people avoid dialysis by stopping their kidney disease and actually improving it in many cases.

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Nutrition is very important when it comes to kidney disease and avoiding dialysis. This is because the kidneys are responsible for regulating so many nutrients in the body. When there is kidney damage these nutrients can become imbalanced causing further damage to the kidney and the body.

The kidneys are responsible for keeping potassium and phosphorus in adequate ranges. If potassium becomes elevated it can lead to a heart attack. If phosphorus becomes elevated it can cause damage to the body and the bones. Having these two minerals out of balance will lead to further symptoms that will make life difficult.

The kidneys are also responsible for clearing out the waste product of protein metabolism. When a person eats protein foods they are broken down and toxins are released. When there is kidney damage these toxins put extra stress on the kidneys causing further damage.

Sodium is another mineral that needs to be avoided in kidney disease. When excess sodium is in the diet this causes high blood pressure and restricts the arteries in the kidneys causing more loss of function.

These 4 nutrients must be kept to low levels in the diet to avoid dialysis and stop kidney disease from progressing.

The kidneys play a big role in creating and synthesizing vitamin d and an important amino acid called L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine helps the body process fats for energy and if the L-Carnitine levels drops in the body it can lead to fatigue. Low energy levels are frequently seen in kidney disease sufferers.

If a person is willing to take control of their health and be proactive they can have a very good chance of avoiding dialysis. But first, people will need to know what to do.

These are the step of how to avoid dialysis:

-Must been on a therapeutic diet that has low amounts of phosphorus, sodium, potassium and protein.

-The proper supplements need to be taken. These can include a variety of things but people must consult an authoritative source, as some supplements can be damaging to an injured kidney.

-Physical activity needs to be incorporated. This doesn’t mean a person has to become a workout fanatic. It just means people need to be active by doing light exercise 3 to 5 days per week.

-Proper medications and testing needs to be performed. This is why a “good” nephrologist is needed. If a person’s nephrologist is not taking an aggressive approach to kidney problems, that is a warning sign and it may be time to find a new doctor.

These are a few of the areas that need to be addressed when it comes to avoiding dialysis and maintaining good kidney health.

If people want to learn how to avoid dialysis with proper nutrition, herbs, vitamins, supplements visit Robert’s nutritional program at

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Robert Galarowicz N.D. is a nutritionist and naturopathic doctor who specializes in helping people avoid dialysis and improve kidney function. His program has been used in medical practices in the U.S. with good success.

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