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NY Medicaid Fraud Lawyers, Spodek Law Group P.C. Offer Free Guide to HRA Eligibility Investigations


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2013 -- Spodek Law Group P.C., a law firm that has been handling NY Medicaid fraud eligibility investigations for over 36 years, has recently announced that they have created a comprehensive online guide to dealing with HRA eligibility investigations.

Spodek Law Group has advised such individuals against handling HRA investigations on their own. It is critical that you consult a NY Medicaid fraud lawyer immediately upon receipt of a target letter. The target letters often arrive after an investigation has commenced and incriminating evidence has already been obtained. Such evidence can include bank records, employment records, surveillance, cooperating witnesses and property records.

Generally, recipients of a target letter feel that they can navigate the fraud investigation themselves. What often happens is that these recipients end up offering evidence that solidifies the investigation against them. This puts the Medicaid recipient in a vulnerable position by being stuck proffering evidence that can result in civil or criminal prosecution.

According to Todd A. Spodek, hiring an attorney is always advantageous. “A NY Medicaid fraud attorney can negotiate a settlement that will save you time, money, and potentially very serious civil and criminal consequences. Our job is to protect your rights from the very moment we receive a phone all the way to the end. We have the experience, we have the knowledge and we have the strategy of identifying any and all defenses and pursue every point of attack to get you the best possible results.”

To properly defend a client undergoing a Medicaid Fraud Investigation, the attorney must thoroughly analyze the Medicaid Rules and Regulations for the applicable time period. The Medicaid lawyer must understand the facts and circumstances of the applicant’s family and financial situation.

The goal of the website is to provide a one stop resource for anyone who is going through a Medicaid fraud investigation. At our website, they will be able to see the Medicaid Rules and Regulations along with insight from Medicaid Fraud attorneys. They will be able to see sample target letters, sample settlement agreements, sample installment notes along with copies of the Summons and Complaint used in Medicaid Fraud cases. Readers will be able to understand how HRA Investigations work from the investigation’s point of view and the defense attorney’s. Hopefully this will allow them to make informed decisions going forward.

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