NYC Fashion House SiiZU Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Ecofriendly Clothing Line

Kickstarter project accents a clothing line that features style and comfort with ethical manufacturing, all while being pleasantly affordable.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2016 -- "Fast Fashion" has perhaps become one of our generation's biggest guilty pleasures thanks to our access to an astonishing amount of clothing. The fashion industry is certainly taking full advantage of this new normal by often using inferior materials and questionable manufacturing methods in their production, catering their products to people who think of their clothes as easily disposable and are not overly sensible to how their clothes were made. The result? More and more big box retailers are bringing in truckloads of poorly made clothes, force-feeding the consumers with their "monthly bargain buys" and "style of the week".

As anyone who has shopped in these stores can attest, the adrenaline of shopping in there quickly dies down and reality would eventually set in, often bringing with it a dose of buyer's remorse.

The first thing to hit home is that, no matter their price point, the clothes from these big box retailers are often of very poor quality. They never feel as expensive as their prices would suggest, and even worse off, after a few times through a washing machine, it is not unusual to see your brand new blouse fade, shrink, or simply fall apart.

On another level, many consumers are also beginning to realize that the high volume of clothes that these big box retailers pump out each year simply cannot be sustainable to the environment. Without a doubt, more and more of our finite, precious planet is being sacrificed in the name of this "fast fashion" trend.

That is what motivated the founders of SiiZU to launch their company – their goal is to raise the bar in the fashion world. They aim to produce beautifully designed, eco-friendly, and high-quality clothing that will become the go-to attire in anyone's closet, all done without the excessive markups found in traditional luxury brands. By running an efficient operation with their motto "dress better" always on the top of their mind, they are out to show that the world can look good, feel good and do good simultaneously. They want to promote a movement for people to leave these big box retail stores behind, to stop turning a blind eye, and to start dressing better.

Reaching their crowdfunding goal of $5,000 will help them to order the fabrics needed to start production of their new product line with the stated goal of shipping finished clothing to crowdfunding backers no later than April 2016.

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About SiiZU
SiiZU is a fashion brand based in New York City. Their name was inspired by the Finnish term "sisu", a word that represents grace and strength in character. Their founding principle is to use only the highest quality natural fabric such as silk, Tencel, cotton and linen in their clothing while offering timeless designs that fit in with the everyday city life. SiiZU is here to deliver clothes that consumers can connect with.