Ghost Doctors

NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Poltergeists Samurai

Are Poltergeists samurai warriors walking the corridors of NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art? Maybe so says New York's Ghost Doctors!


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2016 -- When visiting NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art's Gallery of Ancient Japanese Armor one can almost hear the faint sounds of swords clashing. Well according to New York's own "Ghost Doctors" it may not be illusionary, but some heroic samurai warriors still fighting for some honorable cause or at least their ghosts keeping their skills as sharp as their treasured blades.

Enter the Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides, who lead groups of amateur ghost hunting fans through the winding wings and galleries of NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art including those housing the famed Japanese Arms and Armor.

In fact, on a past ghostly exploration through the Met the Ghost Doctors after conducting their crash course in ghost hunting 101 which includes the workings of a whole variety of ghost hunting equipment, their band of fearless adventurers detected something not quite normal or perhaps paranormal within the halls of the samurai warriors.

"We were walking through the gallery of Ancient Japanese Armor when we detected some unusual readings on some of our equipment," says Dr. Stew. "And this was extremely interesting considering that ghostly activity has been an integral part of Japanese lore for centuries and to pick up activity in this area just added to the mystery."

Furthermore as part of their protocol employed during their ghost hunts, the Ghost Doctors instruct their amateur ghost hunters to always take photos which allows them to document their investigations. On this particular hunt within the Japanese Armor Gallery they took out their cameras and shot a few pics which startled a few members of their group as they noted abnormalities in some of their photos which definitely warranted further investigation of this area.

"Due to some past unexplained activity within the majestic Japanese Armor and Swords Gallery, we will definitely be adding this area to our list of investigation sites to be explored in our ghostly hunts through the Met," says Dr. Pete.

So if one is fascinated by the samurai and their warrior spirits who ya gonna call? Ghost Doctors -- they're definitely on the cutting edge when it comes to ghostly sword play.

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