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NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art Hails Ghost Hunting This Presidents' Day Weekend

Tucked into a remote corner of NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art lies a room that has not only been transported through space but through time...a time when America was on the cusp of its independence. Could this obscure room hold the ghostly essence of our founding fathers? Maybe so says New York's own Ghost Doctors, especially during this Presidents' Day weekend.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2017 -- There is a room that sits quietly in NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art that at one time -- nearly 250 years ago -– served as the parlor of Samuel and Elizabeth Powel's house located in the heart of Philadelphia. During the turbulent times of the American Revolution, Samuel Powel was the last mayor of Philadelphia under English rule and first Mayor of this great city after America's independence.

Moreover the Powels hosted within the confines of their home such notable historic figures as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and especially George Washington. In fact the Powels and the Washingtons were not only good friends, they were also neighbors. And according to New York's Ghost Doctors it seems that our founding fathers may still be paying the Metropolitan Museum of Art Powel's Room a neighborly ghostly visit, especially this Presidents' Day weekend.

Enter the Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides who lead groups of amateur ghost hunters on paranormal adventures through the endless galleries and hallways of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

After being schooled in the fundamentals of ghost hunting 101 including the use of a variety of ghost hunting equipment, the Ghost Doctors and their newly trained adventure seekers set off on quests to pursue the unknown. But recently these two ghost hunters have turned their attention to the Powel's revolutionary period sitting room and their findings have been a bit unusual to say the least.

"On a recent ghost hunt within the vicinity of the old Powel Room we picked up some unusual readings on our instruments," says Dr. Stew. "This is really significant considering some of America's most historic personalities actually stepped foot within this room, sat in those very's almost like reliving American history with a twist of the paranormal.

According to the Ghost Doctors the Met is a virtual treasure house of priceless paintings and antiquities which makes it the perfect hunting grounds when looking for paranormal activity. And now that the Powel Room is being added to their ghostly outings, the Ghost Doctors and their bands of ghost hunters are bound for one heck of a paranormal adventure this Presidents' Day weekend.

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