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NYC SoHo Where Poltergeists Celebrate Halloween

Pop Quiz -– What NYC neighborhood has art galleries, upscale boutiques and 18th century ghostly poltergeists running amok this Halloween season? Answer...SoHo NYC of course!


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2016 -- Dimly lit cobbled streets haunted by ghostly apparitions and strange unnatural sounds from beyond are the story lines from blockbuster Halloween movies, but from trendy SoHo NYC -- can it be? You bet! According to New York's own Ghost Doctors, Soho NYC is abuzz with supernatural happenings and poltergests.

The Ghost Doctors (aka Dr. Pete and Dr. Stew) paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides are transforming SoHo into the paranormal place to be this Halloween. Accompanied by groups of amateur ghost hunters armed with a literal arsenal of ghost hunting equipment the Ghost Doctors and their bands of adventure seekers are trekking through the streets of NYC's SoHo in search of its ghostly inhabitants.

According to the Ghost Doctors this lower Manhattan historic district is just ripe for some ghostly adventure especially during this frightfully fun holiday season.

"SoHo through the years has gone through a whole litany of transformations -- ranging from its past glory as a one of the most densely populated areas in NYC to its evolution as a bustling manufacturing center with an equally active red light district to its present reincarnation as a high end fashion and art center," says Dr. Stew.

Moreover, it seems that SoHo's historic transformations may have attracted some rather unique ghostly poltergeists that still feel like hanging around this iconic district.

"With SoHo's extremely colorful past coupled with one of the world's largest concentrations of cast iron architecture anywhere to be found, SoHo is definitely one heck of a place to explore for paranormal activity," says Dr. Pete.

The Ghost Doctors have been investigating this cast iron wonderland for quite some time and they may have unlocked some intriguing secrets from its paranormal past. To view a nighttime video of one of their SoHo investigations, go to the Ghost Doctor's website (, which definitely makes for one eye opening viewing experience.

"We find a wide range of people joining us on our ghost hunts. From teachers, doctors, construction workers too just about anyone who wish to get a feel for some real ghost hunting" says Dr. Stew. "But one thing's for sure, everyone has a lot of fun especially when we pick up some paranormal activity during our hunts and this Halloween season should be no exception!"

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