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NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art Meets Picasso's Ghostly Hauntings

Pablo Picasso's paintings can be found hanging throughout NYC's Metropolitan Museum of Art-- could something or someone else be hanging around them as well? Two of New York's seasoned paranormal investigators have reason to believe that just might be the case.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Art lovers and just about everyone else who hears the name Picasso thinks, genius, cubism, priceless paintings, but two New York ghost hunters think...well, ghostly hauntings of course! Pete and Stew Kandel aka New York's own Ghost Doctors, noted paranormal investigators and licensed NYC tour guides have been checking out the Met for ghostly spirits and have found some unusual happenings.

“The Met is a virtual warehouse of priceless paintings and antiquities which makes it the perfect hunting grounds when looking for paranormal activity,” says Dr. Stew. “And that's why we really enjoy taking amateur ghost hunters on investigations throughout the hallways and galleries of this century old museum.”

The Ghost Doctors are continuously checking out different areas of this iconic museum and have lately turned their attention back to the master artist-- Picasso.

“Not long ago, we investigated some of the galleries containing works by Picasso. We picked up some activity around these paintings and are correlating the data with other findings from elsewhere in the museum,” says Dr. Stew. “ Some of the paintings in particular are from Picasso's blue period, which lasted from 1901-1904 -- and possibly the somber aspect expressed in these artworks are attracting some spirits who think Picasso may just need a little cheering up.”

So for those people who appreciate their art with a side order of the paranormal, who ya gonna call? Ghost Doctors, they definitely know how to deliver a spirited taste of the unknown, especially at the Met -- just ask Picasso.

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