NYCT Releases Recommended Ten Food Apps for Organic Foods


Del Mar, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2014 -- Jon Antelline’s Nutrition You Can Trust (NYCT) blog recently came up with ten of what he considers the best food apps for mobile devices. These apps help the consumers who upload them to identify whether or not the foods they consume are organic whole foods or foods that contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms), chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients such as food colors and flavors.

According to Antelline’s NYCT, these apps will enable consumers not only to choose nutritious organic recipes to prepare and cook but also to donate unwanted or unconsumed food supplies as well as reconstitute leftovers into main meals again. The free-to-download apps include What’s On My Food, The Dirty Dozen, Locavore, HarvestMark, Farmstand, Clean Plates, and True and FoodNon-GMO Project Verified Shopping Guide.

Two others apps, Happy Cow and Find Real Food, are both available on a subscription basis for $2.99 (the latter for six months). According to Antelline, he created his blog, which focuses on lifestyle, health, fitness, and food, to help others take control of their own health in order to transform their lives. His “body transformation” principle is outlined in his book, “Back to Basics,” which is available online from his website,

Honorable mention to the 10 Best Food Apps of Antelline is Seafood Watch which helps consumers to make informed fish choices when in markets and restaurants. The app features a guide on sushi that lists fist by their Japanese and common market names, rankings “best choice,” “avoid,” and “good alternative”) for sorting seafood, and the “FishMap” project that enables consumers to add restaurants and stores they have found to have sustainable seafood to the app.

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