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Component Supply Company Completes New Space for Mesh Products

R & D Hardware Store Now Offering Nylon and Polyester Filters and Screens


Fort Meade, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Industrial and scientific supplies distributors Component Supply Company have expanded their already extensive product offerings by adding two new mesh materials for use in screening and filtration processes for a variety of specialized fields.

Both nylon and polyester meshes are offered in multiple configurations, with mesh openings ranging from 41-810µ for polyester and 10-1030µ for nylon and thread diameters from 34-280µ and 30-325µ, respectively. Polyester and nylon mesh screen are abrasion- and alkali-resistant with high melting points, though polyester is more acid-resistant and better suited for most applications that require autoclaving. These products have a broad spectrum of uses across a number of fields, most commonly in the medical, scientific, aerospace and automotive industries, with purposes as diverse as leaching fertilizer for agricultural companies to containing insects for a laboratory study.

Their whole catalog of product offerings at or call them at (863)738-0084 to talk to one of their representatives about your company’s requirements and what the Component Supply Company can do to ensure that you get parts or materials that meet or exceed those requirements, regardless of their specificity.

About Component Supply Company
Component Supply Company manufactures and distributes a host of industrial and scientific products, including heat shrink and hypodermic tubing, blunt needles, straightened wire, and more. They have over 50 years of experience in designing custom equipment and parts for people who have highly specialized needs.