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NZB ID Launches to Create Open Catalogue of Usenet Files on Movies, TV, Gaming and More

NZB ID Launches indexing the Usenet network’s binary files to filter relevant information on movies, music, TV and games.


Charlestown, Nevis -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- Usenet is a powerful, uncensored, unfiltered source of information that serves as a public record of an astronomical amount of data from around the internet. It is however, almost impenetrable to the uninitiated, and it’s many advantages can become overwhelming disadvantages without a method for filtering the information collated there. NZBid is a site that puts a friendlier face on Usenet and filters the information listed there by key categories of interest so that individuals can get the benefit of the network without the headache.

The site indexes usenet and offers downloading of NZB and NFO files, as well as augmenting every listing with aggregated media from open sources like IMDb, TMDb, Trakt, AniDB and more, allowing every release on the site to contain full information from across the web.

NZBid achieves this by indexing up to 500 Usenet binary newsgroups and has over 1.5 million augmented and compiled releases in its database so far. It’s usability and popularity both stem from the fact that Usenet is not a censored or structured network, and sites like NZBid can make it easier to find files and gives Usenet a ‘face’ and structure to browse and search for only the content visitors are looking for.

A spokesperson for NZB ID explained, “Doing an NZB search can be a nightmare without already knowing many detailed specifics of what you’re looking for, but we’ve taken that headache out of the Usenet experience by creating an environment in which the best features of Usenet are combined with the best of the rest of the web and powerful search tools. This enables users to quickly find what they are looking for and search through only relevant results to their query, saving them time and energy in getting what they want.”

About NZB ID
NZB ID is a service that indexes the Usenet network and it’s binary newsgroups for binary files and creates a catalog, sorting the received information into categories of articles on movies, music, pc and console games, books, tv series, anime and more. The site creates a usable filtered interface for Usenet that can make it more easy and accessible to use for people searching for these specific things. For more information, please visit: