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Oakland DUI Lawyers at the Blalock Law Firm Share Five Tips to Fight California License Suspension


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2013 -- When it comes to DUI arrests, the consequences can be extreme: offenders can serve jail time, pay thousands of dollars in fines, or lose their insurance. As a result, hiring a DUI attorney is an excellent way for a person to ensure that their rights are always protected.

For years, individuals in need of a skilled DUI lawyer have always consulted the experts of The Blalock Law Firm, PC. At The Blalock Law Firm, PC, each Oakland DUI lawyer works to protect the rights of their clients by providing them with advice regarding DUI charges, representing them in court, and arranging alternative sentencing. The attorneys provide free office consultations and schedule DMV hearings.

Recently, the Oakland DUI attorney released a list of five tips that can help individuals fight the DMV’s suspension of their California driver’s licenses.

The Blalock Law Firm, PC stresses the importance of contacting the DMV within 10 days of arrest to schedule a hearing to fight license suspension. The DUI lawyer in Oakland recommends allowing them to fax a request to the DMV with a proof of receipt on behalf of the client.

The attorney also states that the DMV can take up to 14 days to assign a Hearing Officer, designate an in-person or phone hearing, and schedule a date and time to appear in court.

Those scheduled for a hearing can also request a Discovery Packet at least 10 days prior to any scheduled hearing. The hearing can be continued, with good cause, so that individuals can gather additional evidence to defend themselves against the DMV during the hearing.

Lastly, the DUI Oakland attorney informs readers that they have the right to testify, subpoena others to appear and testify, subpoena others to provide documents, and introduce other evidence at their hearing.

Clients who have used The Blalock Law Firm, PC’s services have always provided excellent feedback.

“I highly recommend Anthony Blalock,” said M.R., a former client. “Anthony represented me in both the courts and the DMV, and, most importantly, he negotiated a far better outcome than I could have done alone.”

Individuals with questions or concerns about DUI laws and processes are invited to contact The Blalock Law Firm, PC for more information.

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At The Blalock Law Firm, PC, the attorneys understand the laws surrounding driving under the influence, a highly technical area of the law with serious consequences to those charged. Anthony Blalock has extensive experience and specialized training in the defense of these cases, including training by the National College for DUI Defense at Harvard Law School. The Oakland DUI attorneys also serve San Rafael and Walnut Creek in Alameda, Marin, & Contra Costa, Counties. For more information, please visit http://www.blalockandassociates.com