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Oatley Vigmond Continues Its Recognition as Top 5 Canadian Personal Injury Law Firm


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2012 -- Oatley Vigmond (http://www.oatleyvigmond.com) is announcing today its continuation of being listed as a top 5 Canadian personal injury law firm representing people that have been hurt, as well as their families.

Shane Henry, one of the lawyers at Oatley Vigmond, was asked earlier about the law firm and the continued recognition. "Needless to say, in order to be in the top of any profession, the group needs to have a proven track record of being the best. All of our lawyers only practice personal injury law, so our team has quickly become known as the malpractice lawyers in Toronto, which is a title that has been earned through hard work and experience. Personal injury is a specialized area of law and knowing how to put a case together is one aspect, but having the skills to represent a client that may be severely injured and winning some of the largest cases for our clients is something that only experience can bring."

Asked about a recent medical malpractice case, Mr. Henry said, "We recently won a $10 million settlement for a young man that tragically will live the rest of his life in 'locked in syndrome' which is condition that causes paralysis to most or all of the voluntary muscles, while the mind is aware of the inability to move or speak. As it turns out, our client had a run in at a party when someone took a log and clubbed him in the back of his head, he was taken to the hospital immediately. Unfortunately, the nurse did not take the appropriate medical protocol for immediate medical attention even though the young man was dazed and disoriented. The nurse left the young man unattended and he deteriorated. It was determined that had the nurse rushed him to see a physician, a CT scan would have shown the bleed on the brain and neurosurgery could have stopped the bleed and the young man would have made a complete recovery. As it stands, his life has forever been altered by someone else's negligence - this is what our law firm is about."

What areas of personal injury does the firm practice? "We take on any kind of personal injuries including auto accidents, medical malpractice, hospital negligence, injuries at birth, wrongful death cases, product or merchandise liability, and brain and spinal cord injuries, to name just a few", said Mr. Henry.

What should a potential client due in the event a personal injury is suspected? "We offer a free initial consultation and it is during this consult that we assess the situation to see if it truly is grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. While some cases are clear cut, others are not, especially in situations where medical malpractice is suspected - these are the cases where we draw upon our combined experience of more than 100 years of personal injury cases to make the final conclusion", Mr. Henry said.

About Oatley Vigmond
Oatley Vigmond Law Firm only handles personal injury cases. Currently the firm has 14 attorneys with a collective experience and knowledge in personal injury law of more than 100 years. The firm continues to have the honour of being a Top 5 Personal Injury Boutique. The firm serves Ontario, Canada.