Save Yourself a Fortune Fix and Rig it Yourself With the Republican Tool Company's Unique Obama Tool Box

"…Unlike Obama's healthcare proposal, The Republican Tool Company has created a unique gift that makes absolute sense and is not even close to being “politically correct…"


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2012 -- The Republican Tool Company is pleased to announce the birth of its Obama Tool Box - the perfect gift for any Republican!

The unique Tool Box and “creative” contents have been inspired by none other than President Obama with his political shenanigans toting the appropriate slogan, “If You Can’t Fix It, RIG IT”.

The Obama Tool Box provides consumers a useful tool box that makes household projects easy to fix and in no time! This tool box contains over 100 useful items created exclusively to save time & money while addressing the thousands of unpredictable household occurrences that many Americans incur. All of the items included in this tool box have multiple uses and are simple by nature. Lastly to coordinate with their Obama Tool Box theme, each tool box is presented with an official Obama Tool Box birth certificate.

The Obama Tool Box contains the most commonly used tools and completely un-conventional items for the exclusive purpose of providing every American with the ability to successfully ‘Fix or Rig’ the tens of thousands of daily occurrences that may need that special “creative solution” ideal for any home, office or vehicle.

The Obama Tool Box is all inclusive with professionally drawn characters of Obama accompanying each unique item depicting a comical theme illustrated by the item.

The Obama Tool Box is unquestionably the most useful tool box ever brought to market. It contains over 100 useful items created exclusively to save the consumer a fortune in repair costs while enabling the consumer to save valuable time and money from having to run to the hardware store for thousands of unpredictable household occurrences.

The Obama Tool Box is a durable heavy duty impact-resistant plastic constructed tool box proudly made in the USA. All items included in this tool box have multiple uses and are simple by nature. The tool box comes complete with the following items: A claw hammer, multi head screw driver, duct tape, bailing wire, super glue, zip ties, bungee cord, tape measuring device, box cutter, pencil, ear plugs, tooth picks, rubber bands, plentiful assortment of nails, screws and wall anchors, nuts, bolts and washers, proposed funnel, water balloons, hose clamps and, of course, bubble gum not to mention the full color label on the front of the tool box proudly displaying our unique logo only available to be seen on our site.

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