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Democrats Begin to Feel the Heat As Obama Plummets in the Polls

As new polls show Obama losing to the weakest GOP opponent and Obama's Approval Rating hitting a record low, Democrats step up the personal attacks which appear to be backfiring.


Shreveport, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2012 -- As new election polls hit the wires, democrats have begun to step up attacks against their Republican opponents. Over the past few weeks, liberals have stepped up attacks and even claimed victories against Rush Limbaugh, and other major conservative host. Are democrats really winning or bringing unwanted attention to their policies?

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll recently released shows President Obama losing by nearly double digits to Mitt Romney, and losing to Rick Santorum. The shock poll even places Ron Paul ahead of the President by 3 point, still within the margin of error though.

Recent polling is beginning to display a very unsettling pattern and outcome for democrats and their slash and burn politics: It's backfiring. Besides Obama losing to nearly the entire GOP field, President Obama is hitting fresh record lows in his Presidential Approval rating. Democrats are drawing attention to many hot topics that based on recent polling, they are losing. Though the Democrats feel they have a "Winning" strategy attacking Rush Limbaugh, the real problem for Democrats is that the American population is actually researching the topic. As more Americans realize what the story is actually about, the U.S. population subsidizing contraception up to $3,000 per year, the public is beginning to turn and sour on democrats.

Beside the topic of subsidizing contraception, President Obama has given speeches and quoted "I'm Going To Keep Doing Everything I Can To Help You Save Money On Gas', and at the same time rallies the democratic party to oppose key pipelines, and subsidize billions in solar projects that have failed. Not helping Obama, last week GM announced the Chevy Volt was DOA as demand was not strong enough. President Obama has spent countless hours using the Chevy Volt as a major victory. Analyzing Google Trends shows just how active the U.S. population currently is with gas prices and blaming President Obama, as the terms "Obama Gas Prices" have drastically spiked in the last 2 months.

As the Democratic Party continues their personal attacks on not only GOP elected officials, but also on private citizens, it will only draw more attention to their actual policies that most reputable polls show they are the minority on.