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Oband Centers Now Offer Costless Weight Loss Seminars to Interested Patients

oBand Centers, the reputed healthcare chain that is popular among individuals interested in losing weight, is now offering costless weight loss seminars at all its surgical centers.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- oBand Centers, the highly reputed and renowned healthcare chain that is spread across the United States of America, is now offering costless weight loss seminars to all those who are considering undergoing bariatric surgeries to reduce their weight and hence live a healthier life. The organization, which specializes in performing bariatric surgeries, such as Lap-Band surgeries, is committed to offer a healthier lifestyle to all its patients, while taking care of them right from the introductory seminar to complete post-treatment guidance and support.

A senior executive of the healthcare chain stated that, “Most patients that come to us have several questions and queries in the mind. To help such individuals, we are now offering costless weight loss seminars to all those who are interested in fighting obesity and hence living a better life. Patients can register for the seminar without paying any fees right at our website. They can attend the seminar at their nearest oBand Center. Our centers are located in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tustin, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. During the seminar patients can ask as many questions as they want directly to the doctors who will be treating them in the near future. These sessions are available to all patients with PPO, POS and open access insurance plans.”

Lap Band is a highly popular treatment option available to patients suffering from obesity. This is a highly safe surgery to make the stomach smaller in size. This helps limit the amount of food that the stomach can hold and hence enables the patient to limit his/her consumption of food and the repetitive spells of hunger. To accomplish the surgery, doctors place a special device around the upper end of the stomach to form a ring, which can later be adjusted according to the requirement. oBand Centers are highly renowned centers that perform some highly effective and safe weight loss surgeries.

“We understand that choosing a surgery, particularly to reduce weight, is a difficult decision to make, especially because it directly affects the patient’s lifestyle and eating habits. One of the most important decisions that one has to make is to choose a competent doctor and have complete confidence in his/her skills. This is the reason that we only avail the services of highly skilled and experienced bariatric surgeons. Moreover, all the surgeons that operate at our state-of-the-art facilities are certified and credentialed by oBand and meet or exceed the precise requirements of the American College of Surgeons and The Joint Commission”, further added the executive.

The facilities owned and operated by oBand are equipped with the latest in technology and exceed the guidelines set by the US healthcare industry. All the surgery centers of the organization are accredited by The Joint Commission and are officially recognized as American College of Surgeons Level Outpatient Accredited Bariatric Center. To know more about the organization’s Lap Band Surgery Center of Los Angeles, CA visit.

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oBand Centers is a highly reputed healthcare chain that specializes in performing various bariatric surgeries, such as Lap Band surgeries that enable patients suffering from obesity to live a healthier life. The organizations operates several centers in different parts of the world and offers costless weight loss seminar to all those who are interested in losing their excess weight. To know more about the organization or to schedule a seminar in Miami, Visit Our Miami Surgical Center.

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