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Oband Centers Now Offering Free Evaluation Tests to Patients

oBand Centers, the reputed chain of healthcare institutions, is now offering free evaluation tests to all patients suffering from obesity.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- oBand Centers, the reputed and highly renowned healthcare chain, which specializes in offering treatment for obesity in the form of bariatric surgeries, has now started offering free evaluation tests to all those who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle by losing their excess weight. The organization operates a number of surgical centers in all parts of the United States of America, and is known for its highly specialized services, state-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified, certified and experienced surgeons. The healthcare center is now offering free evaluation tests to all patients, to determine whether they pass the National Institute of Health’s requirements for weight-loss surgery.

A senior executive withf the organization stated, “Since people now have complete knowledge of the side effects of carrying excess weight on their bodies, many obese patients come to us for bariatric surgeries. However, something that most people don’t know is that bariatric surgeries cannot be carried on any patient according to his/her own will, rather patients have to meet the strict requirements of the National Institute of Health pertaining to weight-loss surgeries, hence all our patients have to go through an evaluation test to determine whether bariatric surgery can be carried on them. To help reduce the trouble, we have now started offering a free evaluation test to all patients who approach us. These tests are carried out at all our surgical centers. The free evaluation is available to all patients with PPO, POS and Open Access Insurance plans.”

oBand Centers is a reputable name in the healthcare industry and has been treating people with excess weight for years. The organization has centers located in Las Vegas, Tustin, Los Angeles, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, where patients are also allowed to register for a free weight loss seminar and free weight loss evaluation test. The weight loss evaluation test is conducted to determine if a patient meets the strict government guidelines required to carry out the surgical procedures.

“Bariatric surgery is definitely one of the best ways patients can keep a check on their body weight. The procedure is quite safe and is carried out at our highly equipped, state-of-the-art facilities in all our centers. Moreover, we only employ the services of surgeons who are certified, accredited and meet or exceed our own strict requirements. All our surgeons are highly experienced and have carried out the procedure on thousands of other patients. They simply fit a silicon ring on the upper part of the stomach to limit the amount of food that it can hold. The surgery is performed by making a tiny incision in the abdominal skin, from where the Lap Band is fitted. The surgery can be performed in less than a hour and the surgical cut recovers in no time too”, further added the executive.

oBand Centers is one of the best place to undergo a bariatric surgery. The center is approved by the FDA and employs only experienced surgeons to carry out the delicate procedure. Moreover, since bariatric surgery often comes with guaranteed results and easy recovery, it is often considered the best weight loss program. To know more about Lap Band surgery in Los Angeles, browse through this link.

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oBand Centers is a highly renowned and reputed chain of healthcare institutions offering various bariatric treatment options to patients suffering from obesity. The organization operates clinics and surgical centers in all parts of the US and offers free evaluation tests and free weight-loss seminars to all interested patients. To know more about the center’s Los Angeles branch, visit Oband Surgery Centers.

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