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Obesity Control Center Offers New Opportunities for Weight Loss Surgery


Tijuana, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- Obesity is more than just a health problem, growing at startling rates. It is also a social, psychological and emotional disorder that can take over one's life and prevent them from enjoying life to its fullest. For many of the morbidly obese, diets have never, and probably will never, work for them, forcing them to the next level of weight management, gastric surgery. According to Dr. Ariel Ortiz, director of the Obesity Control Center and world leader in weight loss surgeries, "Most people who struggle with weight issues find themselves in a cycle of failure and disappointment, as they move from one diet plan to the next…only to discover the frustrating yo-yo effect of gaining and losing and then gaining it all back or even more. Unless an individual has the personal drive, financial means and unlimited time to address their overweight condition through the help of trainers and nutritionists, generally a sense of hopelessness sets in."

To combat the feelings of helplessness accompanied by being overweight, Ortiz and his team of surgeons have established the Obesity Control Center, with offices in Baja, California and Cancun, Mexico. The hospitals employ board certified surgeons, state-of-the-art facilities, featuring the most advanced technologies. According to Dr. Ortiz, " As the world leader in weight loss procedures, OCC guarantees the highest level of patient safety, exceeding all U.S. standards for surgery. Having performed more than 9,000 surgeries, our hospital focuses exclusively on obesity control and weight management and is recognized as the leader in this field."

While most have heard of Gastric Band Surgery, the team of doctors at Obesity Control Center also encourage other methods of weight loss surgery to achieve safe, effective results. Ortiz explains. "Gastric Plication is one of the newest weight loss procedures available, and possibly the most exciting advancement in the field since the adjustable lap band. Also known as the Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve Surgery, this procedure has shown to produce significant weight loss results for patients who are dealing with weight gain and obesity."

This is great news for those who are looking for weight-loss options, says Ortiz as he explains more about the procedure. "Gastric plication is very similar to gastric sleeve in creating a sleeve-like looking stomach. The traditional sleeve surgery requires a stapling and removal of part of the stomach, which increases the risk of a leak after the surgery. The new gastric plication spares the stomach from re-section by simply tucking the outer edge in and suturing it in place. The procedure is considered an excellent alternative for those who have had trouble with lap band surgery."

About Obesity Control Center
Obesity Control Center is the preferred obesity clinic for weight loss surgery and related obesity surgery and weight loss procedures including, but not limited to: gastric band surgery, lap band surgery, gastric by-pass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, gastric plication, and the gastric balloon. Having performed more than 10,000 surgeries, the hospital focuses exclusively on obesity control and weight management.