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Obesity Professionals in Queens New York Seek to Further Advance the Bariatric Approach to Weight Loss


Rego Park, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2020 -- Bariatric surgery, often referred to as weight loss surgery, metabolic surgery, or obesity surgery continues to demonstrate promising long-term results in the treatment of morbid obesity and its associated co-morbidities. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) reports significant advancements in the safety of laparoscopic techniques over the past thirty years. The frequency of post-operative complications has also significantly declined.

While there have been substantial improvements in which patients have undergone bariatric treatment, the data still shows that obesity continues to remain an issue in the United States. All states in the U.S. have more than 20% of its adults suffering from obesity. There are seven states in which 35% or more its adults suffering from obesity (Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. The South (32.4%) and the Midwest (32.3%) had the highest prevalence of obesity, followed by the Northeast (27.7%), and the West (26.1%).

Bariatric surgical procedures are a form of medical weight loss surgery that reduce the size of the stomach to limit food intake and improve the overall digestive process. It alters the way the body absorbs and processes nutrients.

The Queens Center for Bariatric Surgery has taken a proactive approach to not only treat their patients with exceptional compassion and world-class bariatric care, but also thoroughly educate the community on preventative measures prior to surgery and lifestyle changes which must be made post-surgically.

A representative from the company stated, "Techniques have become very advanced so to further the efficacy of our treatment, we feel it is important to advise patients of the appropriate recovery time, adjustment period, change in diet, food, and beverage consumption, and exercise habits. The mental and emotional adjustment period is also very important to address. Together these components offer our patients the best possible care available today."

The Queens Center for Bariatric Surgery believes that having the support of friends and family members both emotionally and mentally is of utmost importance. This is something that should be in place whether an individual elects to have surgery or not. Active participation in outside support groups with people who are further along in their weight loss journey helps to ground the patient emotionally and psychologically. This helps the body do its best work. Support groups help patients deal with questions, concerns, and frustrations to allow expectations to adjust in a realistic way. The simple act of hearing and witnessing the success of others can be enough create positive changes in an individual.

About Queens Bariatric Surgeon
The Queens Center for Bariatric Surgery is part of a network of bariatric surgical professionals who provide metabolic techniques and bariatric care to combat obesity and other related diseases. Bariatric surgery is for those who have exhausted all other options and are particularly resistant to diet and exercise. The organization has a team of bariatric doctors and professionals who are globally recognized for their dedication, efforts and advancement in weight loss surgery. They are each specialists who are devoted to providing their patients with exceptional bariatric healthcare by creating a custom tailored plan for long-term weight loss success.

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