OBI Announces a New Offshore Bank Account That Can Be Opened Within 72 Hours

OBI or Offshore Banking International has recently announced that it now offers new offshore bank account for their clients which can be opened within 72 hours.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- Bank offshore means that an individual or company holds a bank account outside their home country. Usually, offshore bank accounts are available in various currencies such as Euro, U.K Pounds, U.S. dollars and many more. This is extremely valuable for those people who travel frequently or work in various countries. Average investors also benefit from offshore banking as they have an edge over dramatic movements of currencies. Other benefits include the fact that offshore banking accounts are tax-efficient, have lesser restrictive regulation, allow easy access and protect against financial or local instability.

Offshore bank accounts can provide individuals, families, corporations or investment firms the privacy, tax breaks and flexibility needed to protect, properly manage and increase their assets. OBI offers numerous types of offshore bank accounts which are available in wide array of worldwide jurisdictions. These accounts can be personal accounts, corporate accounts and anonymous accounts in various places as far as Delaware, Hong Kong and anywhere in between.

Clients have the option to choose from different types of accounts according to their needs. One option is the Personal Offshore Account that can provide protection to the individual’s personal assets against bankruptcy proceedings, legal settlements and other entities who are trying to access their wealth. OBI offer Personal Bank Account including other banking services in United States of America, West Indies, Caribbean, Isle of Man and other renowned offshore jurisdictions. This type of account offers wide array of banking services and benefits depending on the chosen jurisdictions such as access to internet banking, no minimum deposit, lesser personal information needed in application process, investment accounts, several currency transactions and linked to debit and credit cards.

Another option is the Corporate Offshore Banking Accounts that does not need to be in similar jurisdiction where the company offshore provider was incorporated. The kind of business, types of transactions and size does not matter with this type of account. It can help the company to obtain a worldwide reach needed in business expansion and establish their presence in the international community. They will also be qualified for first-class asset protection against regulations, settlements and taxes. With Corporate Offshore Bank Account, clients can send or receive payments in various ways including Swift, IBAN and transaction can be in any forms of currency.

Anonymous Bank Account is also offered by OBI which works similar to onshore bank account. Offshore banking account holders can pay bills, do personalized banking and execute any regular transactions. The main distinction is that the account is situated in offshore jurisdiction which can never be associated to an individual’s personal information and other financial data or accounts.

About Offshore Banking International
Offshore Banking International or OBI is a leading company that offers its clients with full offshore services which are delivered with personal attention according to the demands of offshore banking. Proud for its extensive experience and in-depth knowledge with more than 30 jurisdictions, OBI can create custom-made financial strategy for everyone. Anyone interested can visit the OBI Offshore Banking International website for more information.

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