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Obliterating Your Freedoms: Provocative & Topical Debut Explores Political Lies and the True Meaning of 'Liberty'

From Christoph-Peter Engelhardt, this explosive new book shatters common misconceptions about political leaders and their motivations, 9/11 and corporate greed.


Gatineau, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- Ask the average person on the street if they believe they are living a free and well-informed life, and they will probably answer yes. Author Christoph-Peter Engelhardt knows differently, and in his upcoming book, ‘Obliterating Your Freedoms’, he outlines the reasons why.

Covering six incendiary topics, the book is a shattering expose of the common lies told to the general public, and a scathing criticism of bureaucrats and politicians, who Engelhardt deems “the poisonous snakes.” Offering his unique perspective on global politics, the fallout from “the 9/11 myth”, corporate greed, the big banks and the man-made fear factor of terrorism, Engelhardt opens readers’ eyes to a new reality – where the social environment has been chosen for a person before they are even born.

“I dare to declare that we all live in a bamboozled choice society, and you are never told what the real elitist intent is,” says Engelhardt. “You are asked to choose a situation without knowing its real consequences. By the time you wake up it is usually too late and you have become an enslaved subject to the Crown. Never mind realizing who the Crown really is.”

It is Engelhardt’s firm belief that while agreement isn’t necessary among his readers – learning and thinking critically about their surroundings is required. The author also invites readers to decide what group they fall into: the leaders who produce and bring about new ideas, the followers that act as sheep, or the corporate hypocrites that exist only to control other people’s lives.

“I ask the difficult question: what group are you?” says the author. “I’m a producing and providing leader because I make it a point to create something tangible that will help others. As real producers we have only Innovation as a standard. I also make it a point to know my enemy inside out. That’s one reason I wrote this book – to show others about the lies we’ve been fed, and enlighten people as to what they can do about it. Through inaction, we become weak… and I choose to be a leader, not a follower.”

Succinct, reasoned and more than a little frightening, ‘Obliterating Your Freedoms’ is an eye-opening view of the world, from a writer to watch. As Engelhardt points out, being informed is the first step in a long battle – but as he knows, it is better to know than to not know.

“Welcome to a little bit of reality and maybe a very small part of some truth. But the final point is this: If you have carefully attended to your high school readings you should know by now that there is a well known Greek concept called “The Noble Lie”,” says Engelhardt. “The noble lie uses words to trick you out of your liberty; to prevent you from making informed decisions and a noble lie, denies you the ability to pursue and attain your happiness. That shouldn’t be the end goal for any of us.”

‘Obliterating Your Freedoms’ will be released soon. For more information, visit: http://www.obliteratingyourfreedoms.com.

About Engelhardt
The author came to Canada from Germany at the age of 2. Soon, from his early student years, an important lesson was about to be learned. The lesson of equal government violent methods to subdue and subjugate its uneducated population. His very early experiences with the small mining society and its people did lay the bed rock of his investigative and fighting attitude. He knows where the real information is to be found and had. Namely, inside policy documents which are hidden in plain public site. He is not your average everyday anti-government author. He is highly critical of anyone that criticizes government for the simple sake of criticizing government. He is rather an anti-ignorant policy maker that seems to want to force silent changes upon the citizenry at large. The author focuses on these profound changes resulting in socio-political evoked and silently imposed citizen control structures.