O'Brien Runs for Ohio House District 76


Geauga County, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- Today, Linda J. O’Brien, announced that she has filed the necessary paperwork to be a write-in candidate for the Ohio House District 76 State Representative in the Republican Party Primary on May 6th. O’Brien will compete against Sarah LaTourette for the seat that will be open now that current Republican Representative Matt Lynch has decided to run for Congress against Dave Joyce. As a write-in candidate, absentee voters will have to fill in the bubble next to "Write-In" and then write "Linda O'Brien" on the line provided. At the polls on Election Day, voters in Geauga County will have to do the same thing being sure to only fill in the bubble next to "Write-In" and write in the name. In Portage County, on the electronic voting machines, voters must choose the box next to "Write-in", than a keyboard will pop up on the screen and they will type in "Linda O'Brien." Both Boards of Elections have confirmed that misspellings or typos would not be cause for a vote not to be counted.

In making her announcement, O’Brien said “I am running for this office to continue the fight for conservative values that Matt Lynch stood firmly against the liberal elements of the Republican Party. My opponent, Sarah LaTourette stated, in her candidacy announcement, that she is "not her father". However, there is little doubt who is running her campaign and that she will be taking her daddy’s money to carry out his agenda. Steve LaTourette’s publicly boasts of his goal to “knock the snot out of conservative Republican candidates”. The fact that Ms. LaTourette filed her paperwork using her daddy’s last name, not her married name, and that her husband is employed by the Ohio Republican Party, is further evidence of her candidacy being nothing but a fraud. Sarah LaTourette is not on the ballot, Steve LaTourette is, because he is going to control every vote she would make and the voters of the 76th District will not be played for fools.”

O’Brien continued by stating “Let me make it clear to the voters of District 76, Linda O’Brien is not for sale! When I am in Columbus I will always be the voice of the people of District 76 not the “party elite”. With my candidacy, voters will have a clear choice, they can vote for Sarah LaTourette, who has already been bought and paid for by special interest groups to control and erode the party, or they can write in the name of Linda O’Brien who will ALWAYS vote for the people of the 76th District. I am not a politician, I am something Steve or Sarah LaTourette would not recognize, I am a Citizen Representative who's only motivation for running for office is to restore representative governance.”

She finished her statement by saying “I will stand strong for middle class America and against those who are simply hungry for power, whether they masquerade as “Main Street” Republicans or any of the other corrupt affiliations bent on taking down our great Country. I commit to uphold America’s founding values and to honor those who have sacrificed their lives and limbs on foreign shores to protect our Country. Today we must fight that battle on our homeland, in our governments, to prevent losing our rights and our representation to money-grubbing politicians and PACSs.”

Learn more about Linda at www.lindajobrien.us

Contact: Linda J. O’Brien 440-338-1582, email LOBrien105@aol.com