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Obstructive Sleep Apnea Risks and Treatments Topic of Public Seminar in Clarksville, MD

Dr. Rashmi Parmar Warns of the Critical Health and Wellness Issues of Snoring and Sleep Apnea


Clarksville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2012 -- There's more to snoring than simply annoying a partner during the night, and in fact, sleep apnea is a widespread, misunderstood and potentially fatal condition. A public seminar on this sleeping disorder was held in Clarksville, Maryland on September 18th where local dentist and sleep expert Dr. Rashmi Parmar discussed potential health risks and treatment options for sleep apnea. In addition to her 20 years experience as a Family Dentist, Dr. Parmar also has an advanced postgraduate education in snoring, sleep apnea and oral appliance therapy.

Sleep apnea and snoring are viewed by the majority of people as a mere frustration or annoyance. Not only does obstructive sleep apnea directly lead to dangerous interruptions of normal breathing repeatedly over the night, it can also be a harbinger for other serious health issues as well. This sleeping disorder can lead from everything to fatigue, weight gain and headaches to mood swings, high blood pressure, depression and diabetes.

This has all been known by researchers for quite some time, but new and shocking information has also been revealed recently. Multiple studies in the past year have shown that individuals with sleep apnea have a greatly enhanced cancer risk.

The first study, from a group of Spanish researchers, found that those with sleep apnea had a 65 percent greater risk of developing cancer, while another study of 1,500 government workers in Wisconsin showed that the individuals with the most breathing abnormalities at night had five times the rate of fatal cancer incidences.

Further, at least 28 million individuals in the United States have sleep apnea, while many cases go undiagnosed. Some projections show that as many as half of adult women may have at least mild sleep apnea.

That's why understanding sleep apnea, and potential treatments and solutions is so critical. Luckily, there are a variety of successful options available today for those who take action, including Continuous Positive Airway Pressure - CPAP - machines, oral appliances and more.

The special Sleeping with a 'Snoring Sweetheart' seminar on sleep apnea was held at the Pastoral Center Social Hall in Clarksville, Maryland. The speaker, Dr. Rashmi Parmar of Parmar Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, has been treating sleep apnea patients for over 20 years. She is hoping this recent seminar will wake up sleep apnea sufferers who are essentially sleeping at their own risk every night. Dr Parmar encourages anyone who suspects they might have this dangerous sleeping disorder to see their doctor for diagnosis before seeking treatment.

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