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Obvious Differences Between World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2


Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Core of world of warcraft PVP content is the arena. Each battlefield now is to brush honor, and do not have a lot of professional battle players. Arena is divided into 1, 3, 5 type, the ladder and the equipment system properties are separated from PVE. Since mainly made up of the small team PVP, WOW demands the high requirement of competitive balance of professionals. The official must constantly make patches and adjust real-time arena content. This kind of pattern is also favored elite players.

Guild wars 2’s PVP and PVE is relatively separative, level 1 who enters WVW mode will automatically level to 80.WVW core content is that s cross-server three groups fight with each other. WVW battles support thousands of people; the battlefield scale of WOW is up to 50 people. Because guild wars 2 PVE content is not very rich, WVW is the ultimate goal for players in the late at present. Large groups’ battle pays more attention to the strategy. And the strategy is also very accord with domestic players' appetite, the threshold is lower. So high-grade players prefer to play world of warcraft, even they are willing to buy WOW gold to play.

Guild wars 2 small-scale PVP is mainly 5 v5 championships, now professional balance encounters a lot of spit from players, such as glass artillery illusionists and the thief is considered too IMBA.

There is no big life skill difference between guild wars 2 and world of warcraft, they both include two parts of the collection and production. The difference is that the guild wars 2’s many recipes require players to grope for synthesis, and floating dynamic collection and production can be obtained according to the rank of experience. If a professional changes the major, it will also retain the original professional formula. All points and acquisition needs can change back without practice. Comparatively, the difficulty of gaining world warcraft gold is larger.

Most of the life skills service for WOW equipment properties. Only the alchemy and engineering can make some interesting items. Cooking skill of guild wars 2 is considered to be the most interesting, recipes content is very rich but also can make all kinds of fuel. But interesting products of other professional are not a lot.


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