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Orange, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Are you getting ready to buy a new home or sell your house? It is vital that you have it inspected beforehand. By determining the current condition of a home, inspectors play a crucial role in helping homeowners make the right choice on what could be a lifelong decision. For buyers and sellers looking for a legit home inspection, Orange County has many of them. However, OC Home Inspect is at the top of the list. If you are looking for a comprehensive report at an affordable price OC Home Inspect is the company for you.

All Inspectors Are Certified

Even the most experienced homeowner has not been trained to find the issues that a home inspector will identify. OC Home Inspect's team of certified inspectors are experienced and trained to help you see your potential home with the proper perspective. Their opinion is always non-bias and will never be clouded by the emotion that comes along with buying a home. It's not their job to sell the home rather make sure you buy one that works. Have an inspector give you an evaluation and help you see the things you may be overlooking. An honest inspector will have no problem telling you about your homes' problems.

No Rock Is Left Unturned

Legit home inspectors always find problems. OC Home Inspect has never inspected a home that didn’t have at least a couple of small issues. Of course, that's exactly what you are hiring a home inspector for. You don't want to end up buying a money pit or be stuck with a lemon that cost tens of thousands to fix. OC Home Inspect's team is dedicated to informing their customers and answering every question to full satisfaction, even ones buyers may not think to ask. The day the inspection is complete all clients are provided with a full report detailing the condition of the properties foundation, structure, plumbing, electrical systems and mechanical components.

Providing Customers with Buying Power

Having a home inspection performed will empower you with a list of items that you can request to be repaired. In many cases the seller will agree to pay for the repairs out of their own pocket. If they're not willing to put up the cash to bring the home up to your standards, you can use the inspection report to assist you in negotiating a lower total price for the home.

OC Home Inspect offers the following complimentary services during their elite home inspections:

- MOLDSAFE (offers up to $2000 in remediation if mold is found after the inspection)
- SEWERGARD (offers up to $4000 in repairs for sewer and main water line collapses)
- RECALLCHEK (protects your family by replacing dangerous appliances that have been recalled)
- RECALLTRAK (tracks appliances and notifies homeowners should they be recalled in the future)

Going Above and Beyond

Now you may ask why would a certified inspection company need to offer a warranty on its work? Picture this, the inspector tests your garage door opener. The door opens smoothly, the safety detection functions correctly and everything works like a charm. Thirty days later you move in and the opener no longer functions. OC Home Inspect's 90 Day Warranty will repair or replace that garage door opener at no cost even though it worked when they inspected it. This is the type of customer service that has earned them rave reviews on Yelp.

For individuals who plan on purchasing a home it wouldn't hurt for them to do a little investigation of their own before buying it. To lend a helping hand, OC Home Inspect provides a free home inspection checklist for buyers that can be found on their site. Users can download a PDF version of the checklist and do an initial assessment of the property themselves. Once the individual has used the checklist and they believe the home has potential, they can give OC Home Inspect a call to have one of their inspectors come out and give a professional opinion on the condition of the home.

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OC Home Inspect understands how precious your time is. Their team of inspectors is available 7 days a week and will do its best to work with even the shortest time frames. When you hire OC Home Inspect you don't just get a certified inspector to look at your house, you gain a friend who will provide an honest opinion and help you make the right decision about the biggest purchase you may ever make. Those who are looking for the best home inspection company must give these guys a call.

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