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OC SEO Experts Redesign Their Own Site as They Become #1 in Santa Monica and Huntington Beach

OC SEO Experts are now one of Orange County’s leading SEO consultancies, and they have redesigned their own website to demonstrate the latest best practices to potential clients.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2016 -- Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful strategic tools that online businesses have to organically increase their audience reach, and conversion from audience to customers. The way in which these tools are used can often mean the difference between explosive growth and stagnation, and OC SEO Experts pride themselves on being on the cutting edge of local SEO for Californian businesses. They have now redesigned their own website to demonstrate the latest in cutting edge techniques.

OC SEO Experts' new website has been designed to reflect their brand, and to use the latest high conversion techniques, including innovative use of multimedia including images and video, contact forms and opt in strategies, case studies and testimonials to create the most compelling case possible for individuals to choose their business.

The company has gone from strength to strength using proven SEO strategies for their clients, and is now the number one rated SEO consultancy in both Santa Monica and Huntington Beach, helping businesses of all sizes to grow and expand organically and dynamically online.

A spokesperson OC SEO Experts explained, "We are very pleased with our new website, because it reflects the simplicity with which the latest techniques can be employed in order to create amazing results for clients. Many websites now choose to use ultra-dynamic, multi-element approaches, but fail to think how this will chew through data allowances on mobile devices and actually deter people from using the site. We allow sites to both look great and function well on any device, while imbuing every page with top quality on page SEO to generate leads and ensure the best performance when it comes to increasing customer numbers. Our site now reflects that, and we can't wait to get to work on behalf of more new clients. Our SEO strategy has been developed and refined over thousands of SEO campaigns using data and testing to perfect our whitehat techniques that provide not only great search engine rankings, but traffic that converts to customers."

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